Killer Bee Playing Cards

Killer Bee Playing Cards

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Killer Bees are the mutant hybrid of timid European honey bees and their African cousins.

Like all superhero stories, the Killers were introduced to Brazil by mad scientists to help re-populate their diminishing Bee population.

But no-one could contain them...

In 1957, 26 swarms escaped quarantine and declared war on the western hemisphere.

Danger lurking in the skies, these villains will stalk their victims for up to 1/2 a mile..

We wanted to capture the darker bodies of these cold-face killers in our deck. Creating a harsh black back with toxic-waste yellow honeycomb spilt on the back.

The black faces display custom pips and hold a sinister simplicity. Like something you'd expect to see on a discarded barrel of methylamine.

Killer Bees are the result of an unsanctioned lab experiment when toxic-waste spilled into a delicate hive of Honey Bees.

Get them before they get you.


A portion of each Killer Bee Deck sold is given to the IUCN organization. TO DATE: sales of our Bee decks have funded over $16,000 to support honey bees. Listen to Ellusionist’s Chris Ramsay tell why Bees are so important to us.

Customer Reviews

  • by Dazi Kapla

    Dec 2016

    First off i want to say that shipping to europe is very fast so u can get your products very easy and affordable. buying 2 packs of these cards was so worth they are very very good when you open them , they feel great and belive me it makes a really big diffrence handling these card instead of bicycles. They are GREAT when doin the double lift. now i know they are unique but some spectators cannot see the diffrence between spades and hearts also they get pretty sticky after a while but all in all this produc is great and i highly recmmend it. :D

  • by hari subramanian

    Oct 2016

    I've bought quite a few decks from this site but these cards are, by far, the most awe inspiring cards I've opened - and that's saying a lot. The quality of these cards are excellent and on par with their other decks. Visually, its exceedingly stunning with a complex design and very astute attention to details. Highly recommend purchasing this deck.

  • by Joshua

    Aug 2016

    Great Shipping Time, Great Quality, Definitely Recomended