Killer Card Work Bundle


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    These DVDs are perfect for the magician who is looking to further their magical education.

    Full Overview

    This is a little bit of what you'll find in these 3 DVDs:

    Top Palm Forces Bullet Deal
    Passes Double Lifts Card to Pocket
    Top Changes Triple Lifts Magic Theory
    Card Controls Various Cuts Double Undercut
    Grip Great Card Tricks Bottom Palm

    Marlo Tilt

    Ambitious Card Trick (Vernon Depth Illusion) Switches
    Card to Pocket Vegas Cheat Routine Much much more...


    Ninja-1, Ninja-2 and Kard Klub are available on DVD. You get incredible video quality with the ease of being able to forward and rewind as much as you want to without damaging the disc. You can instantly skip to anyplace on the DVD and watch the section you want right away.

    Customer Reviews

    • by Henry Bustamante

      Mar 25, 2012

      If you haven't got this you have to get it! These are the best videos I have...just got them today and already their my favorites.It's well worth the money. Really fun to practice and easy to get, everything's well taught for easier learning. Again if you don't have need this!

    • by andrew perez

      Oct 24, 2011

      The first 10 minutes of ninja is worth the price of the entire package. Learning the pass has improved my magic tenfold in a matter of days. Then when I thought I couldn't be mor satisfied I watched card club and once again was blown away. With products like these it is easy to see why ellusionist is the top choice for aspiring magicians. Great work guys I look forward to mastering these videos and breaking into some coin magic.

    • by Jason Morales

      Feb 20, 2011

      If you love card magic and have the money get this package you will be learning for months on end. It has all the slieghts you could want it will put you on card magic overlaod. I have been doing card magic for a year now thought I knew alot but this package has just blown me away. I would also suggest crash course one and two, and shapeshifter. If your just starting out and want to jump into magic head on get the Ellusionist collection wish I had instead having too get them one at time. I have a alot of practice and work to do, but I did the two card monte for my wife and she loved it. Thats on card Klub dvd in this package I know with a couple months of practice I will be blowing people away.