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    IMPACT OF LEVITATION: the performer talks about harnessing power from the earth. He asserts that a technique has been found to levitate from the ground - just a few inches - and they will see this happen visibly.

    Full Overview

    The performer is seen to rise three to four inches- and hover- momentarily. He immediately walks forward to the spectators and they can examine his feet, shoes, and anything about him - there is nothing to find because there IS nothing.

    There is no surprise element - you TELL the spectators that you are about to levitate, then they watch you DO it. This is not the Balducci, Zero Gravity or any other.

    Customer Reviews

    • by Peter Chung

      Oct 17, 2013

      Very convincing trick! Both the video quality and the teaching quality are very high, and the presentation possibilities are endless. The trick is a bit angle-sensitive, but it's nothing a skilled magician can't mask ;)

    • by mitch

      Oct 1, 2013

      I got this with How To Do Street Magic. Cool levitation but hard to angle depending on where you do it.

    • by Richard Brealey

      Mar 23, 2013

      I almost blew my parents' minds out when I performed this simple technique, they couldn't believe it when they saw both of my feet visibly levitate above the ground for a few seconds. What's even better is the fact that you will be able to do this after only a little bit of practice.