Knights Playing Cards


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Customer Reviews

  • by Jim S.

    Jul 2017

    Beautiful deck!! Started practicing cardistry recently, and these are the cards I have been working with. Love the feel and design. Sly marking system!!! Cool Ace of Spades!! Awesome court cards!!! Whats not to love?! Chris Ramsay's YouTube site has me inspired. Thanks so much Chris..... you rock dude!!!!

  • by Yoder

    Jun 2017

    - The tuck case is gorgeous
    - The card's back design is great and cleverly marked
    - The handling is superb (thin, springy, fans well, etc.)
    - Matching jokers which is always my preference
    - Cut is SLIGHTLY off but not very noticeable
    - Tuck case, while gorgeous, is a bit too flimsy and fragile
    - Custom court cards of Madison/Ramsay/others are 'FUN' but usually I prefer standard court cards and, if possible, would LOVE a V2 with all standard faces

  • by Cesar

    Jun 2017

    This deck has a beautiful design and a very nice finish. One of my favorite decks.