Lockdown DVD by Rob Greenlee


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Got gum?

In an instant a SIGNED dime passes into a SEALED pack of gum. Another sweet trick from the creator of best-selling Ziplocked.

The effect is quick, visual, and you will be able to perform shortly after your DVD arrives. A special gimmick is INCLUDED.

Rob Greenlee takes a pack of gum out to the streets of Toronto to blow the minds of unsuspecting citizens. Rob consulted with Adam Rose and Peter McKinnon to develop the cleanest, fastest and most visual disappearance of a coin - a wave of a pack of gum and it's gone.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Nico

    Dec 2016

    Great trick, everything it says in the trailer IS true! I would recommend to ANYONE who likes signed coin/ to anywhere effects and vanishes. It is a lithe bit tricky at first but will take some practice. The only reason for a 4 star is because its a little pricey but don't let that change your decision on buying it!

  • by Jamie Roach

    May 2013

    This works amazingly and one of the best tricks ever made, impromptu and easy

  • by michael blau

    Mar 2013

    This is a easy trick but will take some practice. Once you get it down then this is that trick that you will have on you everywhere you go. I recommend it. 5/5