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This video contains 30 minutes of techniques, moves and routines based around the core principle.

When we first received this video we didn't know what to say. Immediately we held a company meeting to watch these two guys work. Who were these Spanish magicians? On the spot we had to have them, and we wanted you to be the first to experience their magic.

Picture yourself, in street wear, no stuffy suits and dress pants. You borrow a coin.

It's signed...

The coin is right in front of their eyes and then it seemingly melts into nothing. Your hands are empty... REALLY empty.

Your audience tries to grasp for some explanation. They look around. The front and back of your hands. You have no sleeves.

Then you lift your foot out of your shoe. There, in your shoe, is their signed coin.

The Loyal Vanish is the first download from Manuel Leal and Adri√°n Carratal√°, The Thinking Paradox Team.

Over 30 minutes of detailed explanations and bonus ideas. The extras alone could be turned into separate downloads and you are getting them all with The Loyal Vanish.

Watch the trailer, perform the magic.

Customer Reviews

  • by Dyna Angel

    Jan 25, 2014

    This trick is just out of the world trick. The explanation was so perfect that everyone must understand it.
    I too am a magician and i love to perform it in my routinees

  • by Oswaldo Villa

    Dec 17, 2013

    Awesomely taught in detail, a lot of people complain about no verbal explanation, but unless you have just 2 braincells left alive, everything is incredibly easy to follow with no explanation needed. It does require some kind of dress code but nothing uncommon as you can see on the trailer, it is kind of angle sensitive but still worth it.

  • by Dan t

    Nov 17, 2013

    dont want to be mean but its not the best trick out their and its definitely not a summer time trick but its worth a go and you might get it