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    Everything you loved about the Original LTD Deck. Now in Blue.

    Full Overview

    • •   Crisp, sharp
    • •   Buttery smooth finish
    • •   Understated

    • LTD is simplicity.

      The blue version of the ultra-desired deck is ready to Go. The crispness and buttery finish make these playing cards a joy to pick up and hold.

      Order a deck, or brick, today.

    Customer Reviews

    • by Andrew Kell

      Apr 23, 2014

      Beautiful cards. Very simple design. Looks and feels just great for magicians, poker players or collectors.

    • by Neivin M

      Apr 17, 2014

      Great deck. Very elegant and classy. Love the colours and the gorgeous back. Smooth handling.

    • by Grant Cloud

      Apr 17, 2014

      These cards are amazing! They handle great, they look great, and they are all around great! Get these cards now! I'm serious, add them to your cart now!