Madison Anything is Possible Bottles

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Inspiration. We all need it. It's what sets us off on journeys. What spurs us to create. What encourages us to dream. The Anything is Possible bottle is inspiration that any magician can draw from.

It is inspiration, bottled.

Full Overview

We commissioned Jamie D. Grant to produce a limited run of 100 Anything is Possible bottles for Daniel Madison's signed Private Reserve Decks - the Red Rounders and Scarlet Dealers - which were available only to Black Club Members.

When Jamie asked us if we wanted to produce some bottles with 'Regular' decks after Black Club snapped up the Private Reserve bottles - we couldn't pass up the offer - and decided to make them publicly available.

Less than 50 of each of these incredible artworks were created, giving bragging rights to those few who are lucky enough to own one.

These Anything is Possible bottles will stretch the limits of your imagination, as you ponder just how it is possible to get a fully sealed deck into an empty milk bottle. Produced in a limited edition, the deck in each bottle is individually signed by Daniel Madison.

"I have one of Jamie D. Grant's "Anything is Possible" bottles here on my desk, and it continues to inspire me every day." - David Blaine