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Dealers Playing Cards contain a Daniel Madison marking system. With each deck, you will receive a downloadable movie teaching the system.

Marked decks can cost between $20-$30, but Daniel wishes to offer his system at the price of a normal deck of cards as you can see above.

Dealers in Erdnase Green use the exact pantone color of the book Expert at the Card Table by S. W. Erdnase.

As used in 1902, these playing cards utilize an edge-to-edge borderless casino "gambling house" design. If you are worried about double lifts etc, perhaps it's time to stop relying on white borders to hide inefficiencies. These cards will help you to get good at what you do. Madison has used the edge-to-edge design for that single purpose since he was a teenager taking people's money in real games.

We cannot emphasize enough. The cards are printed to Daniel's specifications and are the essence of a standard held long ago. They almost fan themselves. Seconds are smoother than anything you may have been advantaged to feel before.

If you believe these fine playing cards fit your personal style, pick up a deck or twelve and put them through the wringer: bottoms, centers, shifts, palms, changes and switches. See how these trusted sleights feel in your hands.


As stated, there is a movie by Daniel Madison explaining the value of a marked deck and going over the system that is provided with Dealers. Here is an image that also explains the system which is meant to be a visual aid and reminder to the movie.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Richard Yager

    Dec 24, 2015

    Elegance. I save this deck for friends and family only. I save this deck for table demonstrations. This deck is just gorgeous.

  • by Tibor Varga

    Dec 15, 2015

    Altough I think the rounders are the best, this deck maybe is more close to my heart. When you put this in your hands you feel like the baddest card-shark who ever lived. It's like some computer game in which a special stuff can increase your skill level by 20%. That's how you gonna feel using these.

    Call me and idiot, but I hope some day ellusionist will realese this deck without markings!

    I whatch these deck collections online, I looked into some rare deck that are cool. But to have thousands of rounders, dealers, and hustlers would be enough for me for my next three life.

  • by Devin Wilcox

    Nov 16, 2015

    By far my favorite deck, I've been using them in street magic to test the markings and WOW. Nobody even knows where to look this one guy looked at 2 cards side by side for 5 minutes and still couldn't even haha i love this deck