Madison Dealers Red (Limited First Edition)

Madison Dealers are a rarity.

A deck designed by Daniel Madison for Expert card handlers, the standard back printed in a stunning Erdnase green - and these Limited Edition decks, printed in Daniel Madison's signature Private Reserve Red, available only in Special Promotions and here, exclusively in the Rewards Store.

Every deck of Dealers was carefully designed to make sure YOU come out on top.

It doesn't matter if you are playing poker in the basement, or performing at a swanky gig downtown. The brilliant marking system and classic back design will make sure you never disappoint.

When designing Madison Dealers, Daniel asked himself, "What would the finest deck of cards have?"

The answers came quickly.

• A Borderless All Over Back Design for flawless sleight of hand including, false deals, passes, deck switches, double lifts, and just about any other technique.

• An Easy To Read Marking System that allows you to know the value and suit of EVERY card.

• A Strong Finish to make sure they can withstand daily use and still handle well.

Dealers are the first edge-to-edge borderless deck by Daniel Madison and to our knowledge the first overall back design to be marked by the USPCC during printing.

Start using cards designed for experts. Stock up on Dealers today.