Maphia by Phontheroof

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4 Kings are shown and counted openly.

One by one Corners begin to vanish... in the fairest possible way.

With the lightest of touches, all 4 corners RESTORE instantly.

Pure sleight of hand at it's best.

- No Gimmicks
- Instant Reset

Filmed on location in South Korea, this is Maphia.

A cutting-edge plot for packet tricks.

Download & Learn IMMEDIATELY.

HINT: Routines perfectly with Angle Z by Daniel Madison.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Austin

    Jan 2017

    Great product! Almost no angle issues and good teaching. My only problem was that I wish there was a little bit more content. the video was only 6 minutes long.

  • by Haris

    Jan 2017

    I would say not worth buying. The trick is almost impossible to make close up because its very angle sensative. The explanation is fine but people will figure it out very easy and you cant hand the cards out later so therefore 2 stars :/

  • by Oskar

    Jan 2017

    This is a nice trick with an awesome plot. Definetly worth buying. Keep up the good work!