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This is a lifetime of information, acquired the hard way.

Mechanic is taught by a man who walked a fine line between death and a payday every time he picked up a deck of cards. When each move could be the difference between a five thousand dollar haul and broken ribs, you get good at using techniques proven to work... techniques that will remain undiscovered at any card table.

This DVD set is a treatise on the techniques used by Daniel Madison to put food on his table for years, as a professional card cheat caught up in the underground circles of London's criminal underbelly.

Every day and every dollar made it harder to get out of the racket he fell into - until a simple slip at the table took the decision out of his hands - and nearly cost him his life.

During the weeks in hospital Madison made the conscious decision to shift from card mechanic to Deception Artist. Now a reformed card cheat, Daniel meticulously teaches the handling, dexterity and psychology of deception with playing cards, step by step.

Over two hours of invaluable advice, theory and method taught by a man in the unique position to have lived the life, each move seized from the cold school of experience.

Daniel learned the hard way so you don't have to. Add Mechanic to your cart NOW and benefit from his hard won experience.

Disclaimer: This is not a DVD on Card Tricks. This is detailed teaching of the actual skills used to illegally and unethically win money in illicit card games through the use of cheating. As study of this material has the potential to turn you into a successful card cheat, we must ask that any use of these techniques at the card table be for entertainment purposes only. Neither Daniel Madison nor Ellusionist can be held responsible for the consequences of cheating or unlawful gambling.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Jonas Nielsen

    Apr 4, 2015

    I initially got this download for the false cuts, shuffles etc. with no intention to look at the false deals, because i feel that the false deals are to obvious - it's easy to see when one deals from the bottom, but the way Madison teaches this, and the thoughts and tips he has on it... It doesn't become a sleight or a move, but rather a different way of dealing, and that makes the false deals very deceptive. Great purchase, for all the fellow card-nackists.

  • by Christian Saavedra

    Jan 20, 2015

    I can't stop watching this. This dvd has no tricks if you are wondering, it's all deception with playing cards. If you're interested in card cheating/deception, I would totally recommend this to you. Great product.

  • by David Mancuso

    Jan 1, 2014

    This is a great DVD. At times it is difficult to replicate Daniel's moves because the camera only gives you a head-on perspective but once you adapt to that the moves are well taught and easy to learn.