Mesika Spider Pen Pro Refill

Mesika Spider Pen Pro Refill

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The spools are the replacements for when you eventually run out of Spider Thread. Each holds over 25 feet of absolutely invisible thread perfect for the effects being performed with all Mesika reels. Each spool also comes with one piece of Mesika Wax already attached to it so your ready to go out of the box. This is a great deal because now you are getting two for only $14.95.

Get these replacements now instead of having to wait for them to be shipped to you. Don't wait until you run out, there is nothing worse than needing something and not having it available to use. You should always have these on you as a back up. You never know, so be prepared.

These spools have been cleverly designed to fit into your Spider Pen Pro and Tarantula.

We at Ellusionist highly recommend picking up one of these each so that you are never caught off guard when the time comes for these items to be replaced.

These spools have been cleverly designed to fit into your Spider Pen Pro and Tarantula.

Customer Reviews

  • by Dmytro Prinus

    May 2016

    Ordered this trick, the DVD is in great quality, Yigals teaching and explaining is very simple and great, easy to understand and do. Takes some practice to get it to the top level.

    The only negative part, is that my pen arrived broken!

  • by Dustin Hamilton

    Dec 2009

    If you dont get this for your reel and you run out ...its like jumping out of a helicopter and being shot at@! they sell this at magic geek same price with only one in the pack!!!!i like ellusionist better

  • by Gabe Hartman

    Nov 2009

    I checked out a bunch of other sites and ellusionist is the cheapest by like $10 and the spider pen is amazing.





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