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    Built to Joshua Messado’s exact specifications, we went through over a dozen prototypes until the seamless, carbon-black rings were in his words ‘just perfect’. The Messado Rings are unlike any other rings you’ve seen - they have a larger gauge, but smaller circumference than other close-up rings (e.g - Ninja).

    The rings are forged from a custom alloy that bonds to the finish ensuring a rugged construction that stands up to hundreds of ring clashes a day, and are precision weighted to deliver an exact centre of gravity - crucial for moves like the Centrifugal Link.

                                       Messado DVD Training
    Joshua Messado is the most incredible performer we've ever seen. He has a unique style that gets attention and has spectators in awe. From the Centrifugal Link to the Spinning Jumper - Messado makes the rings cool again. Get training from him personally by picking up the Messado Rings DVD here.

    Messado gives the rings the prestige they deserve, from his eloquent speech to his top-hat and coat - even the name ‘Mr Messado’ commands respect. So we ditched the mock-velvet bag that rings are usually carried in, and instead designed a stylish black carrying case, emblazoned with the Messado Rings logo and finished it with zippers shaped to echo the rings inside.

    Customer Reviews

    • by Mark Zust, The Perceptionist

      Feb 10, 2014

      What a gift to magic from Joshua Messado! I have performed with the gold Ninja Rings for many years and I must say the Messado Rings add a new dimension of deception and elegance. I am currently performing a routine that uses BOTH the Messado and Ninja Rings to illustrate Yin Yang and the quest for Life Balance. I also use a single Messado Ring for a ring on rope routine as well as a finger ring on ring routine. A borrowed ring looks amazing against the black Messado ring! Thanks Ellusionist for bringing Joshua's vision to the magic community.

    • by Michael Principato

      Jan 18, 2014

      The Messado Black Rings ROCK! They are made very well. They have a class about them. They are taking my close-up routine to the next level.

    • by Jordan Lopez

      Dec 7, 2013

      The Quality and feel of these are amazing, the color is beautiful, the Case is good. The rings make this really unique sound and it adds a little nice touch to the magic when you're preforming. I love them. The only down side is the price, however if you think about it, if your a professional magician they pay for themselves and they will last you a while, and as they always say "You get what you pay for"!