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Tired of bending forks? Borrow a deck of cards. Ask the spectator to pick out any card from the deck. It does not matter which.

You can barely even touch the card as it is placed on the back of your hand.

Full Overview

 As you stare at the card intently you will draw your middle finger across the length of the card from a few inches above - at no time do you touch the card. Slowly, at first almost imperceptibly, the card begins to bend upward.

The only way a card can bend normally is for a person to apply pressure to the edges and actually bend it, but at no time does this happen. You. Don't. Touch. The. Card.

They see it happen. It happens before their eyes as the seconds tick by. They can stare at the card until their blood runs cold and they won't know what happened.

Customer Reviews

  • by Niko Sallinen

    Nov 27, 2013

    This trick is absolutely insane! Worth every penny. It is true that no one could ever guess how it's done. This is probably one of the easiest and most powerful effects you can perform, found on Ellusionist. Literally anyone could do this, it's that easy. And the most impressive part is that it does not require a gimmick, which everyone is looking for during the trick. It's just beautiful. The first time I tried it (about 3 minutes after I learned the trick)I was amazed that it was so easy, and you really don't have to put alot of time in learning it. What makes this trick almost perfect is that it doesn't wear out, unlike effects with gimmicks. I can't think of anything bad to say about the MindBender.

    And I recommend this to anyone who's just getting in to magic. This trick is so simple and effective that it inspires a beginner to proceed with his magic.

  • by Alif Muhammad

    Nov 27, 2013

    Really cool card trick. I love it. It just blow people's mind, it blowed my mind when I saw it. It's worth getting it.

  • by Mark Beshirs

    Nov 27, 2013

    Our bartender last night was one of those who like to think they know everything you're doing - and announces it. I know him well enough that he feels entitled to tell everyone how I do my card magic - even when he's wrong. Mindbender left him speechless, even a little bothered. I love this effect.