Mini Colossal Gold Close Up Mat

Mini Colossal Gold Close Up Mat

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In 2012 we released the Ellusionist Playing Card Co Colossal Mat, an absolutely massive close up pad emblazoned with the Red Thunderbird Logo. Due to the length of time it took to hand make each of these mats, we could only ever release them in limited windows - and they always sold out.

The only complaint we ever received was that people couldn’t realistically take these mats with them - they were unbeatable at home, but just too big to use anywhere else. Which is why we’re proud to present; the Gold Mini Colossal Mat.

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Made from the same rubber-backed, double-thick body as the original, with a plush GOLD surface and EPCC Thunderbird Logo, these mats are still hand made in the USA by one of the industry’s top manufacturers.
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With a 12" x 16” workable surface
, these mats are large enough to play the stage in any performance, but small enough to roll up and drop into a gig bag.

This initial release is limited to just 50 close up pads - and if the original Colossal mats are anything to go by - these won’t last long.
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Customer Reviews

  • by Brandon Pearce

    Jul 2016

    This mat is quite excellent. A tad bit overpriced, but a nice mat all the same. It smells a bit at first, but the smell goes away after a while. Mine lasted two years, even then all I did was reglue it using rubber cement and it is as good as new.

  • by Georgio Harmouch

    Dec 2015

    Excellent quality, I don't really know about durability since I just recently received it but it feels like it was built to last for a while. Cards spread beautifully across the mat and it just looks amazing.