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A casual, clean, easy to learn and use move which can be used to replace classic force.

Learn a technique that you'll use all the time, with any deck, and wonder how you ever got by without it.

You'll also learn a bonus effect that you can perform right away using this incredible sleight.

Video time is 15 Minutes.

Customer Reviews

  • by Maxime Ferri

    Mar 7, 2014

    Very useful move, you will need to practice it at the beginning, and then it will be very easy to do. This force is now one of my favourites.

  • by Patrick Elmo

    Jan 22, 2014

    This force is so good and very easy. I performed this 1 hour after i got it. Highly recommended!

  • by Josh Burch

    Dec 9, 2013


    This is an EASY and very versatile force. The applications that it can be used for are ridiculously diverse.

    This is a force, a switch and a control all in one sleight. You can have the spectator sign a card and have the back change color all with no gaffs. He also goes into a way to palm the card off while they think their card is out jogged.

    This is an easy force, maybe it's intermediate but it looks sooo clean it is completely safe it mimics the classic force perfectly!

    For its deceptive nature, versatility, and ease I'm giving this five stars. I believe it is one of the best forces I have ever seen. Patrick's thinking in this is incredibly original, modern and deceptive. More magic needs to be like this.


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