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The two card transposition, re-vamped. (re-vampired)

Modulate is a direct and easy to use concept for transpositions.

With this simple gimmick, You can make two cards, both spectator signed and from a borrowed deck, (if you wish) switch places instantly and visually from in the spectator's hands and your own.

Once you've learnt the basic effect, the applications are limitless.

You'll be able to apply the gimmick to train tickets, travel passes, billets, index cards and anything else that you can fold into quarters.

Full Overview


- Simple gimmick can be used over and over again.
- 5 second construction.
- Easy handling, in which everything is completely justified.
- No duplicates.
- No moving parts.
- No magnets or threads.
- Both items can be signed by the spectator.
- Can be performed with a borrowed deck.
- Gimmick stays hidden on your card box until you want to perform the effect.

Learn all of the subtleties and nuances, alongside different handlings of the effect in this 30 minute instant download shot on location in Nottingham, England by Daniel Madison and starring Dee Christopher.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Dan t

    Feb 28, 2014

    Awesome mean affect buy it now click add to cart
    It's a must buy get it while its cheep it takes 2 mins
    To set up and then bang ur a pro

  • by Will Jones

    Jan 31, 2014

    A wonderfully simple yet devastating effect that you'll be performing within 5 minutes of watching the video, and Dee has a way of teaching that ensures you'll be performing his effects for years to come. If you've not already bought this, what are you waiting for? At $5 it's a steal!

  • by Farid F├íjer

    Nov 5, 2013

    brilliant effect that you can perform anywhere and cause great impressions. A really good trick if you present the trick on the right way