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The N4 Coin Set, the newest generation of gimmick coins from N2G Magic, allows you to turn a penny into a dollar, without any cover or movement. This is the Copper-to-Silver equivalent of the tremendously popular N3 Coin Set, allowing for a more natural seeming change.

The N4 makes absolutely no sound when the change occurs, delivering a clean and elegant performance with zero movement by the magician.

Together with the N3 Coin Set, you can easily perform a perfect position transition.

The N4 Coin Set consists of two parts, a separated half dollar and a double-faced coin, but thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship, the gap between the two parts is nearly invisible, when nestled together they make a coin near indistinguishable from any other. When you compare the a real half dollar with N4, you will see that their dimensions are almost exact!

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Quick and simple to set up
Superb Quality - Will last a lifetime
Resets instantly
Easy to do
Does not use a shell
Can be performed anywhere, anytime
With proper handling, you can start and finish empty handed.

Pick up the N4 Coin Set today - or get the N3 and N4 Coin Set Package and save $5 instantly, allowing you to perform incredible transpositions and changes. Get it Now.

Customer Reviews

  • by Greg

    Sep 15, 2014

    I think this product is well made in terms of the milling process to create the coins. Why I dinged it is due to the noise the coins make. I am using this in a close-up and quiet setting and the noise becomes a problem and I think it gives away to a certain extent, what they just watch. It sounds mechanical vs. magical.

    I think this is a good product and well made, just be aware that it makes a fair amount of noise unlike what the video suggests.

    The real value was my interaction with the folks at Ellusionist. They worked with me to resolve the issue and offered some ideas to quiet down. I like that they want to see you happy with your purchase. You this day and age, that is magical.

  • by Andy

    Sep 11, 2014

    I have had similar products before and I feel that this one is a little bit too thick for its own good. It does seat well, I'll give it that, but there are certainly times where a few millimeters of the wrong color can show if you aren't swift in double checking for that issue.
    Overall a good product and a moderate value.

  • by Anthony Lee

    Aug 27, 2014

    I just got the n4 coin and I was glad I got it. The gimmick will take some practice but it's pretty easy. The gimmick does make some noise but not that much. For some of the tricks you will need a separate half dollar and English penny. It comes with a DVD but in the video the guy doesn't talk. The reason for 4 stars is that the guy doesn't give any tips or anything like that.

    I would like to recommend this to beginners thru experts. Overall I am happy that I got this



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