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    Valdemar Gestur teaches you how to add another elegantly executed ending to your Ambitious Card Routine. Or, use it as a standalone signed card reveal. The effect's crescendo happens when your spectator's freely chosen and signed card appears as the top card is flipped in a flourish to the top of the deck.

    Taught in CrystalView with a glass see-through deck so you can understand each position, placement and angle of the cards at any time.

    Difficulty: Intermediate

    Runtime: 4 Minutes

    Taught by: Valdemar Gestur

    Customer Reviews

    • by lol

      Dec 22, 2012

      omg that is sooooo basic :(

    • by Abraham Stein

      Jan 12, 2011

      Very well received, and easy to learn,have incorporated it to several other routines.

    • by michael Neveu

      Oct 29, 2010

      Even though I don't use this effect much at all, I still really enjoy these Quick videos. I would say that this one is not an easy one to do like some of the others, but if done quickly and correctly looks great. Angles are not to bad, and it can be practical. I find it can work well with an ambitious card routine.