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In a beautiful and artistic piece of magic created by Matthew Underhill, two hearts become ONE.

A card is signed back and front by the spectators. Two of the hearts are initialled. One initialled heart is then visually pulled across the face of the card - directly over their signature - until it rests side by side with its pair.

This is an anniversary waltz that freezes the moment of magic in a souvenir your spectators will remember forever.

Full Overview

"Didn't think anniversary waltz could have a substitute until I saw this effect. A perfect giveaway! I'll be having a lot of fun with this one!"
Alex Pandrea

“Matthew has taken the anniversary waltz, the most classic of all the plots in card magic, and not just given it a new method, but he has given it a face-lift every worker will LOVE!”
Justin Miller

"What a truly astonishing moment for the unsuspecting participants - this is a perfect wedding/anniversary card trick which leaves them with an impossible object to remember you and your magic long after the event. I want it in my close-up case - send the first one to me!"
  Nicholas Einhorn

“Great! Love it! Awesome give-away and a perfect magic trick for a couple.”
Bill Abbott

Customer Reviews

  • by Louis Komodromou

    Mar 26, 2013

    Such a cool trick for anyone to perform, this trick is amazing for a wedding, valentines day. takes a little time to lean and to get the moves just right.



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