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The Ignite Deck has been carefully matched with the design and tones of Fathom to create dramatic contrast in color changes and flourishes.

Be sure to Stock up on Fathom Playing Cards when you purchase your Ignite Decks.

The second release in the Origin Series, Ignite Playing Cards captures golden flames, glowing embers and the smouldering black char of a scorching inferno.

From the blazing ace of spades on the front of the box, to the world of flames on the back, there is no mistaking the theme of this deck.

Featuring line-art embellished pips, court cards colored in the orange glow of a dying hearth, and polarized jokers, reds and blacks in contrast, for a color-change illustrating the very name of the deck; Ignite.

Conjure the spirit of fire and set your performances alight.

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Customer Reviews

  • by matthew wilkes

    Apr 2016

    As a Card "player" I absolutely love these cards! My biggest complain of any deck of cards that i buy, is identical Jokers! The Jokers in this deck are different and they follow the pattern that i am used to on standard bicycle decks. That is Black being "Big Joker" and Red being the "little Joker". Or the "Guaranteed" Joker being the Big Joker. Not only are they different, the design of this deck is Crazy awesome! If these were a little cheaper per deck I would play with the guys at work with these, but they are so rough on cards I will have to stick with Rider Backs for work.

  • by Matthew

    Jan 2016

    I recieved these free with the 3 pack deal and was expecting an fairly average deck (ellusionist standard mind you which is still top quality). I was astounded by how these handled. Straight out of the box they felt terrific and looked amazing, from a standard fan to a giant fan and spreads they did everything amazingly. I was blown away with the quality of these and I recommend it to all. The only downfall is I couldnt buy Fathom to go with them, but I will be doing that shortly.

  • by Tim

    Jun 2015

    As most people have said, the fan of this deck is just plain sexy. The darker top and bottom part with the high contrast middle is wonderful. Of course it has the common weakness of not having white border (not magical friendly). But overall great cards. Might buy some extra for playing with friends.