OSYN by Mark Calabrese

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OSYN: Only Switch You’ll Need.

Mark Calabrese has finally released his most guarded secret to date… OSYN is a system which allows you to switch out any playing card, money or object roughly that size, with the spectator burning your hands with their eyes the entire time.

Inspired by Jay Sankey’s “Paperclipped” Mark has refined and developed this groundbreaking method in to what it is today. With over an hour of teaching, Calabrese gives you the real work on OSYN, and tells you why OSYN is an upgrade to 'Paperclipped'. 

"Super clean. I will definitely find a place for this in my show"
- Bill Malone

"... this will be replacing any other switch I use for billet work."
- Peter Turner

OSYN comes with everything you need and 5 well-prepared routines, including...

Imagination Card: The spectator inspects a blank card, the magician then folds it and attaches a paperclip for safety, leaving it in their hand. The spectator is invited to name any card at all. They open their hand, the card has Changed into their Freely named card. Everything can be examined. 

Signed Card: This miracle can be done at a moments notice with a signed card from the spectator. Mark teaches his handling on one of his most performed effects.

Any Word (Business Card Transformation): A clever way of giving your business cards to clients and a devious way of using an open prediction. They will believe you can read minds. This routine will be sure to stick with your audience forever.

Signed Bill: Mark teaches one of his sneakiest routines when a signed bill appears in the spectator’s wallet

"...So good "
- Doug McKenzie

+ You will also receive one of Daniel Madison's most coveted effects with this (No Cost), since the two routines are connected.

You'll receive eveything you need in your package to get you started, and will also learn several bonus handlings, tips and tricks which will not only allow you to smoothly perform for anyone but will give you confidence for your next performance.

This is the HOLY GRAIL of switches and is a MUST for ANY Magician. Order OSYN Today.

"There's no move to catch and nothing to see before or after. Simple, and devious.
- Robert Smith

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Customer Reviews

  • by Brandon Pearce

    Jan 2017

    I received OSYN as a Christmas Present and was skeptical before it even arrived. Upon opening it and after watching the video, I was disappointed that at least half of the gimmick did not come premade if not all of it, and at $39.99 it would have been nice. That being said, what you are paying for is a utility method and not a gimmick. You get something that you can adapt to suit your performances and The Advocate is a great addition that definitely helps justify the cost. However, if you had already purchased the Advocate, this price is a little steep and if I did receive OSYN as a gift I don't think I would have purchased it. Overall great product and really useful. All in all 4/5 stars.

  • by Brandon G

    Dec 2016

    Genius. I will admit that I was a little skeptical about purchasing this at first. But after watching the video, I absolutely love it! Mark Calabrese is a genius and I can't wait to start using this switch. If you're considering purchasing this product, DO IT!

  • by Scott

    Dec 2016

    I, too, was a bit disappointed at the outset when it describes what we'll be sent in the mail. However, I do like the handling and I think the last use of this shown on the video is a very effective and smooth "you could have said anything" prediction. I like it better than the "name any card and that appears in the spectator's hand" use. Now the latter is clearly strong, but it requires more stuff. I think what is shown at the end of the video is good enough and easy enough for anyone to do.