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"A haunting, graceful essay on magic as a serious form." - Teller

Our Magic is an honest, passionate and revealing glimpse behind the curtain to reveal the secretive world of magicians as seen through the eyes of some of the most respected thinkers, performers and creators.

For eighteen months, magician and director R. Paul Wilson traveled the world to interview thirty of the most influential and revered figures within the conjuring community. From these interviews, Wilson has crafted a love letter to the art of magic that goes beyond the cliches to discuss why magic really matters.

Our Magic is a full length documentary about magic by magicians. It is a journey around an art filled with mysteries to discover why magic is important and wonder is essential.

Customer Reviews

  • by Kieran O'Sullivan

    Aug 2015

    This documentary is wonderful. I just wish it could be downloaded instead of only being able to stream it.

  • by Shawn De Cavia

    Mar 2015

    A year ago when Dan and Dave were promoting this film on their site(at the time it was a work in progress)they offered teasers that were 10 minute short films about the lives of the people offering their opinions in this movie. Some of the people they interviewed were very interesting and I'm disappointed that those interviews never made it into the final film. Overall, that reservation aside I think it is a fantastic film that should be required viewing for anyone interested in magic.

    The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because there wasn't an option to download the movie. I'm not a fan of streaming because it doesn't feel like I rightfully own the movie I paid for since I can only view it on Ellusionist's website.

  • by Steven Deitzler

    Mar 2015

    I've watched this documentary several times, and each time I I hear or see something a little bit differently every time. This is a great video essay on what magic is from many different perspectives, and is a good watch for anyone who wants to know what it really means to be a magician.