Pharasyte 2 by PHONTHEROOF

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Harness the raw power of Wolverine at your fingertips.

Pierce a hole, straight through a playing card. This is not an illusion.

Like movie special effects pouring from the screen into reality... the hole begins to slowly and undeniably heal itself inches away from your face.

Created by PH OntheRoof and filmed on location in South Korea, Pharasyte 2 combines refreshing methodology with slap yourself in the face simplicity.

Make this up in seconds with nothing more than a couple of everyday, very basic items and you’ll be performing this before you’ve even finished watching the download.

It’s almost 2017 and you’re about to get futuristic super-powers first with this next generation hole regeneration.

Learn the secret to Pharasyte 2 NOW.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Cloud

    Apr 2017

    I think it is hard to do this trick in the real world..
    But still I love this stuff. Buy now!

  • by jerriel

    Feb 2017

    visually heal a hole made in the card, a different more unique approach to the classic TnR.

    No complicated setups or sleights. Easy to do.
    The hole heals visually, as seen in the trailer.
    The hole can be healed at your own pace, fast or slow is up to you.
    Setup is easy and will only take you 5 minutes or less. Supplies are easy to find but you should already have them at home. Especially if youve been making DIY gimmicks yourself.

    The card cannot be inspected, but this can be easily overcome with switches if you're an experienced magician.
    Before actually punching a hole, the card can't really be scrutinised or inspected.

    That's all. Final thoughts are that this effect is truly amazing. If done properly, it can be strong and can garner serious reactions. Nothing really wrong or to complain about it. Seriously, if you're deciding whether or not to get it, just do it. It's only $6. Can't go wrong, trust me.

    Side note: I've been watching phontheroof for years now, before he made it big on Instagram/YouTube. He's a really nice and insanely creative guy. you should def check him out!

  • by Eddie Witchcraft

    Feb 2017

    This effect is bad ass, for those unimaginative or less creative magicians writing reviews, obviously don't know how to switch cards out and don't know how to formulate their own routine, you can't always be spoon fed. This effect is freaking awesome. The rest is up to you ;-)