Ping by Tobias Dostal

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WOOOOO! Tobias Dostal of Stay Cool fame is back at Ellusionist with PING.

Ping generates the audible 3D sound of a coin being genuinely flipped in the air.

A precision-made utility device that fools the senses... and leaves your audience floored.
  • - Vanish a coin in the spectators hand
  • - Make an invisible coin appear anywhere 
  • - Flick nothing into the air and have it materialize in your pocket
This is more than a trick, it's a pandora's box bursting with possibilities for your coin magic.

But it doesn't stop there...

Borrow a ring, flick it in the air as it disappears into nothingness. Without hesitation you reveal that you're wearing it, or it's in your pocket, or still on the table.

In over 1 hour of explanation, Tobias oozes creativity and passion with this device and shows you how to apply it to ANY situation. Enhancing your magic with sensory overload. 

You won't believe your ears.

Get Ping TODAY.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Eliott

    Mar 2017

    So when I got this it was super difficult to use (for me at least) which made me want to master it even more. It took me about a week until I was confident to show anyone it and it is amazing!

    It has so many uses and when I was watching the instructional videos I kept having ideas for my own routines and productions. It also made me start dabbling in coin magic.

    If your looking for a good close up item other than cards this is perfect!

  • by Nathan

    Feb 2017

    I love this.Tobias shows you so many moves you can do.The additional ideas had me dying laughing.You can even hear Lloyd Barnes in the background trying to keep it together,because Tobias is hilarious.These guys would be a blast to hang out with.I can see me not leaving the house without Ping.It will give ur hand a workout.But its going be fun making up your own effects. Thanks Tobias and Ellusionist.

  • by Mike C

    Jan 2017

    Just try this with Clonk3...
    You will have, combined, one of the best tricks ever.
    It is a little expensive, however it is worth it.