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This is a collection of sleights and ideas for deception with playing cards.
Sometimes difficult, sometimes simple, always risky.
Ideas that should not work, but do.

These are trophy moves, not for laymen,
but boasting moves for the entertainment of the privy.
Routines and effects are merely vehicles for ideas.

I offer no direction, sometimes suggestions
but deliberately no more than ideas.
If you think they work or not, you are right.

I am Daniel Madison.

This is Placebo.

In the book

The Poker Lesson
The performer demonstrates the ranks of Poker by dealing the appropriate hands, from a High Card, all the way through to a Royal Flush... All from a thoroughly shuffled deck.

Perfect Aces
This is a unique method for dealing four of a kind from any position in the deck in the fairest of manners.

A method for revealing any number of cards in which the deck is sprung from one hand to another, during which, desired cards are seen to shoot out from the springing deck.

The Middle Deal : The Kennedy Tribute
This is a Centre Deal demonstration which allows the performer to deal four of a kind - face up in and each from different locations in the deck in the fairest manner.

The Centre Deal : The VernonTribute
This is another centre deal demonstration in which the performer deals a single card from the centre of the deck in the fairest manner.

Bad Aces
The performer writes a prediction and talks of his ability to find the Aces in a shuffled deck. He writes down four numbers from between 1 - 52 freely selected by the participant. He then deals to the cards at those numbers to show four random cards. Although it appears to have gone wrong, his prediction perfectly states the four random cards...

The Numbers
Following Bad Aces, the performer performs a Triumph effect that goes wrong, however, the cards that are left face up in the deck directly resemble the four numbers named by the participant in Bad Aces.

Click Palm
This is a method for palming a selected card from the centre of the deck using one hand.

Hotel Palm
This is another method for palming a selected card from the deck using only one hand.

Centre Cop
This is a method for palming a card whilst cutting the deck.

Spread Flick
A desired card shoots out of a ribbon-spread deck to be caught by the performer.

Blackout Shift
A Pass / A method for nullifying a cut deck.

Blackout Shift Two
A variation of the primer.

An impromptu card-punching method.

FSWE Shift
False S. W. Erdnase Shift.

Reverse Shuffling
This isa method for Gambling demonstrations which allows one to show the process of returning a shuffled deck
back to it’s original order.

The Greek Shift
This is a method for shifting a card from the centre of the deck to position 51 - in position for a Greek Deal.

Rotation Palm
This is a method for palming a card from the centre of a tabled deck.

Back Deal
This is a unique method for instantly dealing any desired / selected card from a shuffled deck.
This technique can also be used for a one-for-one invisible card switch.

Holdout Deal
This is a unique method for achieving the same as the Back Deal.

Customer Reviews

  • by Chris Roy

    Oct 31, 2014

    This book is designed to circumvent traditional methods of performing deceptions with playing cards. Yes, the moves described in this texts are primarily "trophy moves." But that does not take away from their applications. Placebo is the go-to for learning hard moves with incredible payoffs. I love this book.

  • by James Kostelis

    Feb 15, 2014

    This is another great book from Madison, the moves in here are not for beginners, this will be difficult. But the ideas and effects are great. If you are a Madison fan you will enjoy the ideas inside.

  • by Jaytee Thurmond

    Feb 14, 2014

    I think this book is more than one person can ask for. When you use the methods from this book you are telling a bold face lie and and it is right under the spectators nose. The methods are explained well even if the are not simple. I recommend this to anyone wanting to get amazing reactions. I'd give more stars if I could.