POP by Steve Rowe

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An almost self-working, repeatable powerhouse used by the professional magician but easy enough to be performed by anyone.

Pop is a commercial magicians dream. Allowing you to pull chocolate from a spectators winning scratch card.

We all know the best way to create impact at a gig is to give your spectators an impossible souvenir.

But impossible comes at a price...

Usually the effects are impractical, hard to learn and take forever to set-up.

Pop is what you've been waiting for.

Allowing you to leave your spectators with an edible gift that'll have them talking about you forever.

- 30 scratch panels included
- Multiple variations
- Resets easily

Pop gives you the power of real-life trick photography.

Get yours TODAY.

Format: Shippable gimmicks & Download
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 67 minutes

Customer Reviews

  • by Jonathan Wooten

    Mar 2016

    This is great! The review below, while i do agree more gimmicks would be nice. ;) ;) Refills. I would have bought this for the chocolate production alone. The spectators will remember a chocolate production way more than a playing card. As far as the discrepancy mentioned. No one is going to notice. Don't think like a magician. A thumb tip is extremely noticeable and people get away with that all the time. Great packaging and product. I will use this at every gig!

  • by Kevin Noble

    Mar 2016

    I really wanted to love this. Seemed so cool... until I got the package. The colors did not match up at all (Steve even stated in the video that the colors would match up perfectly.) Also you only get one of the actual trick gimmick. They give you 10 others for what you show before and after but only one for the actual item pull. It was taught pretty well but I cannot get over the color issue. If you send a new sticker sheet I'll be happy to change my review.

  • by james mitchell

    Mar 2016

    POP. Well what can I say about this amazing product. It is very easy to work and man does it get great reactions. Using the chocolate routine, they always want to scratch another ticket to see if they win again. Love the product. When I did the signed card routine I had someone spill their drink in amasement then start looking in the box because they just knew the card went back into the deck and in the box. Thanks for the great product. I Hope you start having refills soon.