Praxis Control by Chris Ramsay

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Praxis. noun.
Practice, as distinguished from theory. The application or use of knowledge or skills.

Chris Ramsay knows the meaning of the word Praxis. To create this devastating sleight, he started with three simple words ‘I wonder if…’ and from those words, a card production was reversed and four genius uses for a single control were born.

Peek. Steal. Sandwich. Control.

Building on inspiration from Jerry Andrus and Jack Carpenter, Chris Ramsay teaches a utility sleight that has multiple, real-world applications - a sleight that you will use because of its practicality, effectiveness and subtlety.

This is Praxis.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Intermediate
Run Time: 28 Minutes

Customer Reviews

  • by Anthony LaMonica

    Sep 2015

    The control itself is not hard, but some of the angles are tricky but if you practice with a mirror it's not hard to get past that.

  • by Justin Pillard

    Jul 2014

    I personally love the Praxis control because of how it appeals to me. The movement that is portrayed to the audience appears natural and fair. That is what I like about this control. With other controls the movements are to complicated and take about a minute or so to complete, and other controls might tend to change the order, such as cuts or shifts. But with the Praxis control it is simply, "Touch a card, show the card, and control the card." There is even an alternate handling of Praxis that is done in a very nonchalant and simple way just as the original. Made for who Chris refers to as, "Move Monkeys". And with the Peek, Steal, Sandwhich, Control applications this move becomes a must for any card worker out there. Chris's in depth detail and multiple angles upon the move make it so incredibly easy to understand that upon the first day I had the mechanics down, by the first week I had the Control down, then fast-forward one month later, I had all four applications down and was loving the move and even discovering more new possibilities along with it! So, for $7.00, just get it and use it to its full capability, which is to completely and utterly baffle anyone you may come across and show it to. And to Ellusionist along with Chris Ramsay, thank you so much for posting awesome, baffling, and such creative material like this. Keeps me inspired! Thank you.

  • by Alvin Huynh

    Jun 2014

    Everyone else has already pointed out the positive value of this so I'll just highlight what to look out for.

    It is slightly angle sensitive. You'll need a little bit of crowd control, but the effort to do so is minimal unless you got rowdy audience members.

    The move is a bit knacky. Easy to do once you practice it for a while.

    When the audience is picking a card, you need to force them to pick within a certain range through the deck. I'll leave it at that.

    This sleight requires a bit more subtle actions outside of the sleight to make it very powerful. Crowd control, smooth performance without unnecessary movements or explanations, I would say the intermediate rating is appropriate.