Project S by Simon Black

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In collaboration with Shin Lim, Ellusionist are proud to introduce you to card-magic behemoth, Simon Black.

Simon has skirted the underground for many years, creating a legend for impromptu magic with cards.

Project S is his anthology. A collection of 17 tricks, forces, productions & sleights.

In over 90 minutes of instruction, Simon opens the pandora's box on what's possible with a normal deck of cards.

Download Project S TODAY.


Air Bender: a selected card is fairly selected and lost in the pack. In a physics-bending display of skill, the performer balances a deck of cards on its thin edge, and, with nothing but a quick jet of air emitted from the mouth, slices it in two. The packets fall to the table, revealing the selection.

Ascaniesque: a graceful one-handed spread of cards, elegantly dropping 4 seemingly single cards to the table, while a fifth is concealed amongst them.

Asteroid Change: a visual color change in the spectator's hand the likes of which have never before been seen with sleight of hand.

Booster Gold: a visual color change you'll swear uses a flap.

B/T Change: a silky smooth visual color change with a modern remix.

Double Change: a beautifully choreographed visual color change of two cards.

DropSplit: a stunning blendo from the mind of Chris Stanislas, taught here in memoriam.

Fireweed: the cards are bridged after a riffle shuffle, and four kings bloom from the pack as if they were petals from a flower. In a quick turn of events, they change into four aces.

Hofzinser Mod: a slick new spin on an age-old force.

Oh Snap Change: a classic change with almost no cover.

PopSwipe: two cards appear in a split second as if plucked from midair.

Propaine: a vanish of a card in a sandwich that will make you do a double take.

Skywalker Flip: any desired cards flip face-up in the middle of a simple card spring.

StaticShock: a collectors routine on steroids that has to be seen to be believed.

S Classic Force: learn Simon's takes on the best force within the realm of sleight of hand. Never let anyone tell you it's not 100%.

DPS Production: a silly card production that is surprisingly eye-popping.

Tilt-a-Whirl: an insane color change of one card held at the fingertips. The mechanics are almost too much fun.

Learn all 17 Move Monkey items NOW. 

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Customer Reviews

  • by Adrien

    Apr 2017

    There is for sure some interesting moves on this project. But I got like a impression that they filmed this very fast, with one camera, very hard to follow some instructions.

  • by Christopher

    Feb 2017

    I'm just getting back into magic and performing at parties and such after a 5 or so year break... Also more seriously than before. This download has been awesome. Some of it is a little more complicated, and some not at all. My absolute favorites are Ascaniesque (less difficult), Asteroid Change (difficult) Booster Gold (a little finicky with the angles you need, but less difficult) and last but not at all least... Static Shock. (Fairly Difficult) Such a fun effect! Simon does a great job explaining everything. It's sort of difficult from a front only view, but it's totally workable since he explains it well. If I can do these, so can you.

  • by Tim

    Feb 2017

    Ok- many of these pieces are very hard to follow if you are a visual learner, due to the angle of Simon's hand and body placement. The verbal explanation is great, but the visual does not help which will pose a great trouble to most people needing that part of the learning curve.
    I believe that this project could have been done better- with better angles for learning purposes and close ups on his hands during some moves/effects. Hence, the 3 stars.

    Simon does show some Amazing work with a deck of cards and if you put in the work, you'll be able to follow in his footsteps.