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Never run out of smoke for your Pure Smoke system! These exclusive refills will deliver over 80+ large puffs of smoke per refill cartridge. Each pack comes in a quantity of 10 refills.

Get deep discounts on refills when you buy in bulk.

$24.95 - 1 Pack of White Refills (10 refills)
$44.91 - 2 Packs of White Refills (20 refills) (10% off)
$59.88 - 3 Packs of White Refills (30 refills) (20% off)

COLORED smoke coming soon!

Full Overview

Fact List

• Very, very safe water-like vapor. No harmful or corrosive chemicals.
• Compact, clean, safe and disposable.
• 10 smoke refill cartridges per pack. That's over 850+ puffs of smoke.
• COLORED smoke coming soon! (Black smoke, Red smoke, Blue smoke, Yellow smoke, Green smoke). Can you imagine BLACK smoke as you perform a color change with white cards?
• Each cartridge delivers 80 large puffs of thick, vaporous smoke.

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Customer Reviews

  • by K.Daval

    Dec 2014

    Ok, I bought this on an impulse and I must say that this blows it out of the water. I am in no means a pro but just adding smoke to some of the most beginner of tricks like a thumbtip vanish or even a Svengali Deck routine drives the WOW factor through the roof. Amazing gadget. Now where are those colored smoke refills?!

  • by Matthew Whittaker

    Jul 2013

    If you own Pure Smoke, make sure you pick up 2 of these. They last a long time, but the trick is so much fun that you will want to make smoke appear all the time. Get backups!

  • by Therkel Lorenzen

    Mar 2013

    I adore the device! It can make a simple flourish seem impossible and some routines that i thought sometime seemed a bit too dull became so much better. If you have a bit of showmanship you can make this into the most amazing prop ever. The only drawback i have found is: The wires within the tubing (the black wire to be more specific) Tends to get loose if you're not careful. So if you're wearing the device and got very long arms or the tubing somehow can get pulled no sudden big movements. With that in mind i can't say anything but good things about it