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It's absolutely phenomenal when the move is mastered and is a MUST for any close up routine. And I'm not saying this just because it is the DL of choice by David Blaine.
~ Chuck T.

The push-off double lift is one of those sleights in magic that every magician simply MUST know. There is scarcely a card trick out there that does not use the double lift and the push-off is undoubtedly one of the best - requiring no 'get-ready'.

In over ten minutes of teaching, Brad takes you into his home to learn the mechanics, psychology and subtleties of the move, to the point that it becomes second nature, and you'll soon be fooling even yourself.

For tricks and further uses of the Push-Off double, be sure to check out Crash Course in Card Magic and Crash Course 2 - the Ambitious Card.

Customer Reviews

  • by Albert School

    Nov 2015

    Exceptional detail for such a foundational move in card handling. If your a beginner it's more important to practice one move to perfection than trying to learn everything at once. Get this video, practice with Brad, follow his directions and with practice you will find your an expert at the push off double lift!. Thanks Brad!

  • by Daniel Grosser

    Apr 2014

    Thanks Ellusionist for another great video this is the best ever explanation ever of how to do a double lift. I really think this is super helpful and is the most natural looking double lift you will see.

  • by Remington Chase

    Feb 2014

    Definitely going to be a method I'll find use for. The quality and information in this download are top-notch for sure!