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The boy stands, staring at his empty hand. You can see that he simply can't understand what just happened. His brain flipped out.The magician and the boy are on the street - in a gritty area of town.

Full Overview

The boy is on his way home from school when he is stopped by the magician and asked if he'd like to see something. When the boy says YES the magician asks for a quarter. Placing it on the back of the boy's hand he asks the boy to be stilll. The magician simply waves his hand over the coin and suddenly it is no longer visible on the boy's hand. It is gone, and both of the magician's hands are empty. The magician didn't touch the coin but the boy could FEEL it disappear off his hand.

This is the devastating work of Chuck Leach who developed and created the Raven, a stunning prop that allows you to cause the mysterious and explosive disappearance of a nickel, quarter, and other small objects - even while wearing a short sleeve shirt.

We confidently say that it's one of the best investments you can make in the world of street magic.

Includes shell nickel, tiny nickel, hand crafted Raven gimmick and full instruction booklet including photographs of each step you must take to learn the illusion. Can be learned in about an hour or so.

Customer Reviews

  • by Jonathan Hulst

    Feb 2014

    I dont really do coin magic, but I wanted one really powerful effect that uses a coin. The raven for surpassed my expectations and has blown the minds of everyone i have performed this too. I love this thing, and it is made to last!

  • by Chris Roy

    Dec 2013

    The only hard part of this gimmick, is the misdirection. Once you've got a patter that draws attention, it's brilliant. I recommend buying the 1902 antique silver dollar to go with it. You can start by showing the silver dollar, which interests people and draws their attention, then go right into the vanish and surprise them.

  • by angel pagan

    Oct 2013

    its an awesome trick just get you wont regret it its so god that im getting another one just so I could have two to perfom double the tricks witch is great