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    A classic grift from the streets of New York gets a touch of English Finesse from new Ellusionist artist, Ollie Mealing.

    A spectator's selection, handled at the fingertips, is fairly sandwiched between two jokers. When the spectator is asked to point to the location of the selection - it is shown to have moved. In cleaner and cleaner phases the selection transposes positions each time - only to be found... in a startling kicker.

    Difficulty: Beginner
    Run-time: 24 minutes
    Format: Download

    Customer Reviews

    • by Harry Baughan

      Feb 13, 2014

      Ollie does an excellent job of teaching this. Plenty of detail for beginners and with a little practice easy to learn. Highly recommend this.

    • by Jason Morales

      Jan 2, 2014

      Over all good routine there are a couple of points that it gets a little fidgety. Will take some time to get this down.

    • by Aidan McShane

      Nov 16, 2013

      The routine is explained in depth, and is rather simple to perform. This is a very smooth and enjoyable trick with a baffling ending. Definitely worth a purchase.