Red Bordered Dealers by Daniel Madison


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When initially designing the Madison Dealers, the borderless design was an imperative element for me, not for the single advantage it lends to certain gambling sleights, but also because of how beautiful the deck looks when the design bleeds the side of the entire deck.

When creating a new edition of the Dealers, I didn’t just want to offer a new color, I wanted to do something different. I was very intrigued to see how the Dealers would look with a nice thin border, and when the test deck was printed, I simply had to get these out there.

I love these as much as I love the Green Dealers and think that they compliment each other perfectly, and now, you have the best of both worlds with an edition fit for the table, as well as one fit for magic.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Tony Spade

    Aug 2016

    Madison red bordered dealers - the best deck in Madison playing card series.

    Quality allows to use a deck diversely. I use this deck on a regular basis and extremely I recommend it to all. Marking system great and easy.

    As I give my heart to Bee style playing cards, Madison Dealers full my heart with love and deceptive art.

  • by Krisnapati Bayu

    Mar 2016

    This one is my all time favorite on all Madison Series, the card stock is really good, handle like no other series, the marking system is easy to understand *For magician, this is just deathly weapon by it self buy this a lots...

  • by Seung

    Dec 2015

    Beautiful deck. The joker design and the reveal is one of the best custom jokers I've seen (I've seen a lot). The thin borders are perfect for DL. Although the back design suits the borderless, it works fine for the bordered too. The markings are coded which will take a while to learn and be efficient at it. But The design of the cards are beautiful. I do wish however that the red be a deeper shade of red. But overall, this is my go to deck.