Red Mango by Mark Calabrese

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Red Mango is an open prediction of 3 freely chosen cards.

The deck is shuffled into oblivion, no stacks here.

You place down a prediction and the spectator follows your lead. This is a free choice.

Imagine if it was the same card?

Now, that as a trick would be insane. This is insanity to the power of 3.

Two more selections are freely chosen. You never touch their deck and you always put down your cards first.


This isn't magic, we're starting to think Mark Calabrese is a prescient. Knowing the future with absolute certainty.

He already knew we'd type this, and that you'd be desperate to download it by now.

Learn Red Mango IMMEDIATELY.

Difficulty: Easy
Gimmicks: Some construction required.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Cosimo

    Feb 2017

    Good trick, but if you don't have a deck with《special brands》, you have to buy something more to performe the miracle. The idea is really clever and I liked very much. If you are a magician you have all the stu the trick needs.not impromptu,little preparation, great work MARK calabrese, 9 $ ...recommended

  • by Jeremy

    Feb 2017

    Great Trick! What I like the most is the simplicity. This trick is very hard hitting. I think Mark's patter is overkill though. When asking the spectator to shuffle, Mark is saying that there are infinite possibilities for how a deck is arranged and no two will ever be the same, he laments the point quite a bit. While that statement is mostly accurate, I think it is to cerebral and detracts from the elegance of the effect. I think you are better served to just let the decks be shuffled and then allowing the spectator to contemplate the unlikely possibility of both spectator and magician picking the same cards. All in all Mark is a magician that impresses me with every release.

  • by Finlay

    Feb 2017

    absolutely brilliant trick, effective and simple. small amount of prep required but nothing that cant be done in front of a crowd.