Red Mango by Mark Calabrese

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Red Mango is an open prediction of 3 freely chosen cards.

The deck is shuffled into oblivion, no stacks here.

You place down a prediction and the spectator follows your lead. This is a free choice.

Imagine if it was the same card?

Now, that as a trick would be insane. This is insanity to the power of 3.

Two more selections are freely chosen. You never touch their deck and you always put down your cards first.


This isn't magic, we're starting to think Mark Calabrese is a prescient. Knowing the future with absolute certainty.

He already knew we'd type this, and that you'd be desperate to download it by now.

Learn Red Mango IMMEDIATELY.

Difficulty: Easy
Gimmicks: Some construction required.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Dedet-Mareau

    Apr 2017

    The trick is good. It is what you see on the trailer. Just 4 stars because I was disappointed with the way it works. You need something extra, and with that it is obvious you can read anyone's mind.
    I'm not talking about the gimmick, actually if you're okay with sleight of hand, you don't need it.

  • by Kevin

    Mar 2017

    This is an amazing effect. The presentation is so fair, this will fool even fellow magicians. You do need an extra item to perform this, but it's worth it. Honestly, the method is so simple, when I first heard Mark explain it I thought to myself: "Why couldn't I think of this? This is brilliant!"

  • by vincent

    Mar 2017

    I think its a great effect, but I have never performed it just because of lack of will to do so. You need specific item, nothing really complicated, and it can be learn in minutes. 4 stars because the method can be improve, but that's our job to do it!