Were you wowed by our customer service or our super fast delivery?

Did we have just the right trick for you to amaze and astonish?

Did you have that special excitement as you ripped open your package?

Did you create an incredible experience for someone with your Ellusionist magic?

Did we do something to make you laugh?

Whatever it is, tell us about it!


We here at Ellusionist love to read the heartfelt, touching and sometimes funny testimonials we get from our customers about their experiences shopping with us. We are a company that is truly humbled by our customers' devotion and loyalty and we are committed to earning that loyalty through exceptional service to you, our customer.

Your testimonials are our inspiration every day for providing you the best shopping experience we can for your magic needs. So go ahead and tell us, what's your Ellusionist experience?

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Customer Comments

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  1. I trust them and their effects are epic!

    - Ben, 01.05.2016

  2. Service, products and everything associated with this company have been far and above any other shop like it. I'll be a good customer for a long time.

    - Donald, 01.04.2016

  3. I love shopping at Ellusionist and they are always coming out with great products.

    - Chance, 01.02.2016

  4. Best site to get awesome magic tricks and supplies for magic like decks, accessories etc.
    i love it

    - Manan, 12.16.2015

  5. I love ellusionist

    - Edwin, 12.15.2015

  6. Jennifer in their customer service department took the time to help me out when my item was back-ordered for a longer period than I initially expected. Thanks for the help!

    Also, Christopher quickly offered some helpful product recommendations when I asked for advice about a gift for my son.

    - Rex, 12.10.2015

  7. love your effects. the tricks have good price

    - Manan, 10.07.2015

  8. I've been trying to find a place to begin but there simply isn't one. Even though I haven't purchased any tutorials watching the trailers has led me to make and adapt my own way of performing and presenting magic. I have received a pair of there decks and I find them very hard to be disappointed with them. Over all if I had the money I would purchase every last one of there products.

    - Stephen Melancon, 08.28.2015

  9. I want to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am with every aspect of my experience. I submitted an electronic question about where to start, and I received a response in record time with a spot on DVD recommendation. Processing and shipping were as fast as advertised, and the products lived up to the reviews and advertisements. I look forward to doing more business as soon as my fingers cooperate with the HTD Miracle Card Tricks lessons. Thank you!

    - Dustin, 07.09.2015

  10. First off, playing cards. Best playing cards, my expectations have been blown out of the water every time I've purchased one of these decks. They handle better than any other decks on the market and the designs are always stunning. Customer service is fantastic, unlike a lot of other companies, the people at Ellusionist are dedicated to you and always make sure you get exactly what you want. Tricks are always, amazing, always unusual and very creative. The tutorials are fantastic, they always explain in depth and step by step. Not only that but they also give great performance tips to maximize the impact of your performance.

    - Amber, 06.09.2015

  11. The first thing I will mention is the playing cards sold on this website. By far the best designed and highest in quality. Years ago when I received my first playing cards from Ellusionist I knew i'd be able to take my sleight of hand tricks to a whole new level. Also the design of these cards are just mind blowing. I don't even need to show a trick to get a reaction from a spectator. "These are really cool cards" or "Where did you get these cards? I want to buy some." Is the common reactions I get when I pull them out. I learned many effects from this website and never been disappointed. Each effect gets the best reactions a performer can ask for. So keep doing what you're doing Brad and the team behind Ellusionist, excited to see what you have to bring to the table this year.

    - Greg, 05.06.2015

  12. Dear Brad and the Team @ Ellusionist
    Talk about fast service (I live in Australia), honestly you guys have blown me away with the delivery of my goods. After a crappy week at work I came home on Friday afternoon to a package from you guys. Talk about mood lifter I was like a kid on Christmas morning. So thank you :)
    You guys will have my loyalty and support for many more years to come.

    - Josh, 09.26.2014

  13. Ellusionist is the best online magic store I have ever encountered. They have good prices considering what you are getting. They ship fast. One of my favorite things about Ellusionist, is that their customer support is incredible! If you email their support, you will for sure get a response within 24 hours or less! This is why I love Ellusionist.

    - Jordan, 04.14.2014

  14. I wanted to send a quick message of thanks and appreciation. I discovered in 2008, and it rekindled a passion for practicing magic that I had not experienced since childhood. The video training by Brad and the other artists/instructors is exceptional, but combined with the forums and other tools, it creates a powerful well-rounded resource. The quality control and customer service is first rate. Jennifer, who seems to be the representative I have been fortunate to work with is a true professional.

    As a father that keeps a few tricks in his pocket, the amazement of my children and their friends when I bend a coin, levitate, or use the M5, is unbelievably satisfying. I plan to work with the Massado Rings next when they become available; How fun are those going to be!?! Wow!

    Thanks again!

    - Wizwocket, 04.12.2014

  15. The Ellusionist site is the BEST site I have ever dealt with. My son wanted something extra for his birthday (a week away) so I placed the order and I emailed the Ellusionist team and they responded quickly and shipped the items immediately. I was ecstatic that they turned up in time and I had received the goods before his birthday. Only for your quick and prompt responses was this possible. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE TEAM MEMBERS. I have purchased quite a few items over the last 6 months and all items are FANTASTIC. From a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER. Cassandra 5 April 2014 Australia.

    - Cassandra Hermans, 04.06.2014

  16. First of all, the effects on the website are all super original and are by ellusionist rather than common things such as sponge balls. The shipping is super fast and the customer service is great. I also enjoy the layout of the website and it isn't confusing and it looks cool too and goes with the mood of the tricks. Overall, amazing!

    - Nate Nagem, 03.24.2014

  17. I have never before received an email from the CEO personally thanking me for my order. On top of that there is not a single product offered here that does not appear to be incredibly high quality. This is by far my favorite magic company. You can't go wrong with ellusionist, you really can't.

    - Benjamin, 02.22.2014

  18. I just want to say how awesome it is to have found your site. As a kid I never had the access or money to get any books or instruction in magic. I would see magicians on tv and be in awe. I have been in love with magic ever since. Thanks to your efforts I now have some of the best magicians in the business showing me step by step some amazing magic. So thanks ellusionist for giving me this opportunity.

    - Josh, 01.31.2014

  19. I just received my order and I am blown away. It was on time, the cards were packaged without dents and I don't think there is another magic website I can trust more than ellusionist.
    P.S. The black club membership is awesome!

    - Nick, 01.24.2014

  20. I don't know where to start. Ellusionist as a company has one of the best customer service I have ever had. They always rectify any wrong that they may have caused and during promotions, they are more then willing to do whatever it takes to make people happy.

    One example is the Black Club membership. It's been about a year now since they introduced it, but for those of us who wanted to renew our membership, they had something special for us- It just hadn't arrived yet. So instead of canceling memberships or copping out and giving us something that wasn't nearly as nice, they EXTENDED our memberships for another month. They wanted to be sure that we were taken care of.

    During the Christmas Holiday promotions, they did a special 15 or 30 minute (I can't remember which it was) flash sale that was supposed to last 3 hours. There were so many customers that were flooding the server, it crashed. So, when the sale passed, there were several angry customers that couldn't buy anything. So what did they do? They extended the sales till the following day.

    They EXTENDED the FLASH sales. Flash sales are only meant to be momentary, a few minutes maybe a few hours. But they changed it from 30 minutes to a full day. They wanted their customers taken care of.

    I once got shipped a product without the promotional item. I was a bit angry, but I emailed them and immediately they apologized and sent it ASAP. I wasn't angry as on my receipt there was an apology note as well.

    Simply put, Ellusionist is more then just magic. They're a caring community that want to make sure their customers are taken care of. Believe.

    - Thomas, 01.14.2014

  21. 1st order was the 6 deck sampler. Ordered Friday night...received Monday Night. THAT"S SUPER FAST !!!!
    Also great prices and have a new permanent customer...GREAT JOB !!!

    - jeffrey, 01.14.2014

  22. I used to get my cards from another website. Ever since I bought my first deck of cards from Ellusionist I don't think I can ever go back to any other place.

    - Santana, 01.09.2014

  23. Ellusionist has great customer service, low prices, and fast shipping! Ellusionist is the best! Keep up the great work!

    - Grant, 01.03.2014

  24. Very consistent in product quality. Shippable products that they put out are sure to be high quality. Downloads are hit or miss depending in the artist and wether or not what is advertised is what is sold. All around I love their cards and gimmicks. Coins are fabulous. Customer service is good.

    - Brandon, 12.13.2013

  25. This is one of the best run, highest quality magic store you can find, anywhere. The staff and customer support are amazing, and will help you with anything. The quality of the products is the best stuff out there, and the cost is very low. I also love the site. I recommend this site to everyone out there - from beginners just learning magic to some of the best performers out there. Great job, and keep it going!

    - Ryan, 12.04.2013

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