Were you wowed by our customer service or our super fast delivery?

Did we have just the right trick for you to amaze and astonish?

Did you have that special excitement as you ripped open your package?

Did you create an incredible experience for someone with your Ellusionist magic?

Did we do something to make you laugh?

Whatever it is, tell us about it!


We here at Ellusionist love to read the heartfelt, touching and sometimes funny testimonials we get from our customers about their experiences shopping with us. We are a company that is truly humbled by our customers' devotion and loyalty and we are committed to earning that loyalty through exceptional service to you, our customer.

Your testimonials are our inspiration every day for providing you the best shopping experience we can for your magic needs. So go ahead and tell us, what's your Ellusionist experience?

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  1. I am just amazed with everything ellusionist has to offer. tricks to cards to accessories. This is by far my favorite online magic store. Keep up the good work!!!

    - Matthew Nixon, 11.25.2013

  2. They best magic site ever if anyone has any doubts about how magic sites are fishy you don't have to worry about ellusionist they are a professional site and have always have the best magic I love this site and recommend it to any one who is really serious about magic

    - Damian, 11.23.2013

  3. I love the speed of delivery, the style of the tricks, and the awesomeness of it all.

    - Mas, 11.21.2013

  4. Amazingly fast shipping and my decks were packaged very well. The quality of the product I have received is second to none. I will definitely recommend decks from Ellusionist to all my friends.

    - Jaymie, 11.06.2013

  5. Thanks Ellusionist for all the awesome magic tricks and decks this made my magic easier to perform and gave me a chance to actually see how it is done, Thanks So Much!!!!!

    - Angus Mckay, 11.02.2013

  6. I don't remember how I discovered your website since I do not do magic but I was amazed by the selection of beautiful playing cards you carry. I purchased a few decks for Christmas presents. I believe Christmas should be a magical time and I try to make that a reality with the presents I give. These distinctive cards are sure to make an impression. Thank you for your swift service, I will certainly be sampling some of your other cards in the future.

    - Phillip Becker, 11.01.2013

  7. 14 years ago I found out about Ellusionist, since then I have bought all the magic I have from them, the huge variety of products they have, make the Magic World the best. Not only that, but also they have been able to gather the best magicians from all over the world. Excelent place to learn Magic, continue improving what you already know and also be able to create your own. ELLUSIONIST I am very thankful for what I have learned from you guys, keep it up. Best Regards. G

    - Gaston, 10.13.2013

  8. I found out about e about a year or so ago and ever since then there hasn't been a week where I haven't looked at their site. They have amazing customer service and super fast delivery. All the magicians they host are great and they have many products from DM who is my favorite magician. Overall I am excited everytime I get something from e and have yet to be disappointed!

    - Jason, 10.07.2013

  9. Easily the fastest and best customer service of any magic site. Always there if there are any problems, of which are extremely rare. Always miles ahead of the competition with cutting edge effects.

    - gary, 10.06.2013

  10. I ordered a Bicycle masters edition deck for a friend of mine for his birthday . It came 3 days later, even with the bad weather we've been having. There was no damage to the package what-so ever. He absolutely loved it! If you're going to get cards get them here!

    - Quill, 09.18.2013

  11. Everything is amazing. I'm so glad my friend recommended me here. I was iffy about shopping online. But I feel really safe here

    - Adam, 09.10.2013

  12. After the magic shops closed down in my area I was left wondering the web. Stumbled on ellusionist 8 years ago. Awesome process best quality magic and unmatched customer service. . Number one place for magic!

    - jason, 08.09.2013

  13. i bought nearly all my magic stuff from you guys! i really want to buy more stuff from you but i cant afford it right now :( you guys are the best! love the design of your decks how they feel and all your magic tricks!

    - kristian, 07.29.2013

  14. I got two decks from ellusionest the ARTIFICE decks and i would have to say i love the feel of them they handle very nice and i received them within two days i am very pleased this is going to be my go to buy cards and card tricks
    I have to give thanks to Daniel Madison

    - Tristan Brady, 07.27.2013

  15. I remember as a kid I used to "do magic tricks". I had one of those typical magician sets with a wand, a few cups, sponge cubes, and what-not. I never got fed-up with it, but eventually I "grew older". Yeah, that idiotic me who thought that magic was a child's play. Thanks to a friend at the university I now know of you guys! Ellusionist has been this great new "discovery" I found (thanks to my friend, of course). I´ll be honest: I do not have the money to buy a lot of stuff from you, and it is even more difficult for me to even think about buying something that it is not downloadable, because I live in Chile, and it is so damn expensive to get stuff sent here! So, what do I do? I surf around the web page, looking and building up a wish list... for now that is all I can do hahaha but I have downloaded some of JM´s vids, and I now have the most fun getting my friends to laugh or be surprised. I even help them calm down before exams by doing a few tricks, just to get their minds off for a moment.

    So, thanks a lot guys!!!

    PD: I really, REALLY want to get my hands on a black logo dog tag hahahaha

    - Mattias, 07.12.2013

  16. Ellusionist is by very far my favourite magic website, the playing cards are excellent, i love the tricks and dvds, the idea of downloadable videos is great, i love the magicians who work in the production team and there accessories are great aswell. I strongly recommend Ellusionist to anyone starting out with magic.

    - James, 07.06.2013

  17. The ellusionist website has everything any magician could possibly need! Even though I was pretty experienced in magic before, when I found ellusionist, I knew I'd found a treasure. I've only purchased two items from ellusionist, but I already know that ellusionist offers only the best.

    - Jowoon, 06.25.2013

  18. I absolutely love the tricks you have on the website. Ellusionist has the best magic effects out of all the popular magic websites. What I found truly amazing was the fact that you had tricks from the magician Bebel. He is truly a master at card magic and I would love to see more of his tricks on this website.

    - Reece, 06.24.2013

  19. You guys have made my magic so much better than what it was two years ago. I started out a total noob (as expected from a total noob) and as soon as i recieved my first purchase in the mail i performed like a total pro. You guys are the only place that i buy cards from because i know that the quality is always superb. You guys are constantly working hard to bring us the very best anyone has to offer and i truly appreciate the effort put into that task. Thank you.

    - Seth, 06.22.2013

  20. Love you guys so much. I was into a little wandering card magic a few years ago big time with you guys. Had a sweet routine down and wow'd lots. Many still remember me for it. Happy to say after a small hiatus that I'm back into the habit and am polishing a solid ambitious card routine to share with those willing to accept the unknown.

    Your constant awesomeness in making it easy to create special memories with people is greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Not once did you every forget to with me a happy birthday, even if I hadn't bought a deck of cards in a while. Thank you so much everyone ever involved. It was worth it.

    - Chris, 06.05.2013

  21. I have been a member since first launch and i am very happy any time i have a problem yall guys are allways there to help without question, everything i have gotten through Ellusionist has been superb so keep up the good work and doing what yall do cause with out you guys I would never be where i am at today in the art of Illusion.

    Thanks Illusionist Unlimited Jeremy Safran

    - jeremy, 05.29.2013

  22. incredible site where you can buy all sorts of different styles of tricks from such as the raven or the coin bite not only that but also the team at ellusionist constantly create new and original tricks.

    - sean, 05.25.2013

  23. I think you guys are the best magic store in the world keep up the good work.

    - Stephen, 05.25.2013

  24. I cannot believe you guys even exist. You guys are always impressing me with not only your new tricks coming out, but how much you have accomplished. Ellusionist has got to be the best source for magic out there, their tricks are astonishing. I love it...

    - Ty, 05.21.2013

  25. I think this place is great

    - David, 05.15.2013

Items 26 to 50 of 513 total Add Your Review
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