Were you wowed by our customer service or our super fast delivery?

Did we have just the right trick for you to amaze and astonish?

Did you have that special excitement as you ripped open your package?

Did you create an incredible experience for someone with your Ellusionist magic?

Did we do something to make you laugh?

Whatever it is, tell us about it!


We here at Ellusionist love to read the heartfelt, touching and sometimes funny testimonials we get from our customers about their experiences shopping with us. We are a company that is truly humbled by our customers' devotion and loyalty and we are committed to earning that loyalty through exceptional service to you, our customer.

Your testimonials are our inspiration every day for providing you the best shopping experience we can for your magic needs. So go ahead and tell us, what's your Ellusionist experience?

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  1. I think that the Ellusionist website is an amazing place to buy some new magic products because there are always of good quality, while I like this Ellusionist does have a down point there is no UK store, if it is possible can you make a UK store?

    - Freddie, 05.15.2013

  2. Hey Ellusionist,

    you guys are wonderful and i am very glad that you are posting some small sleights for 5 dollars. Those are original, fresh and wonderful. I love them. However, you are still a far way back from theory 11 which posts new smaller content weekly. You guys are awesome and catching up to theory 11, but you still have some work to do.

    - Ben Shalek, 05.13.2013

  3. Well I have been a customer since about 2010 and have probably spend over a thousand dollars here. I love magic and flourishes so your products are the only thing for me. I am such a fan of E that I even pay for the black club membership. BEST DECISOON I HAVE EVER MADE PERIOD. Thank you so much for the experience I have had over the years!

    - Jonny, 05.12.2013

  4. The cards are awesome, they look fancy and I am always complimented on having great looking cards

    - Abe Sanchez, 05.11.2013

  5. This website is one of my favorite sites online. I love magic and illusions. I like that it is free to make an account. i have been learning from my friend and I am ready to learn some and make up some on my own. This website is awesome!!!!Pr

    - Samuel, 05.10.2013

  6. I loved it its beautiful i look forward to get another one thank u very much

    - christian aguilar, 05.09.2013

  7. Bought the Coin Bender so one of the members of the magic society could be a "Strong Man" for a circus event we put together. It was pretty easy to learn but of course took some practice.

    - Steve Bagienski, 05.07.2013

  8. Worth the very low price, easy to learn and perform

    - Abe Sanchez, 05.07.2013

  9. Worth the very low price, easy to learn and perform

    - Abe Sanchez, 05.07.2013

  10. Hi. The past few transactions that I've made with Ellusionist have been great so far. I'm a playing cards collector and I must say the playing cards from Ellusionist have been very good in terms of both quality and design. But I have been waiting for the Recognition Points and Rewards Program for a very long time. It is stated on the website where we can use our points to purchase those rare items which are not for sale. Recently I have also bought the fibre optic wristband from the website along with my Black Club items. It would be better if you can check if the fibre optic halo wristband's condition before shipping it, because for mine the red light is only working on the left side of it, while the right side is very dim. I believe it should be bright on both side. But it's okay it still looks good without the LED light on. And definitely I will purchase more products from you guys in the near future. Hope there will be more crazy promotions for the black club members! And lastly thank you for your time reading my long feedback/review. Thanks Ellusionist!

    - lim Kian Hong, 05.06.2013

  11. Everything went perfect! Great company and product!

    - Janine Hogan, 05.03.2013

  12. If Ellusionist were to be represented by one deck of cards, the Artifice Tundra would be the deck to represent them.

    - Howard, 05.03.2013

  13. I actually am not a magician though I do love magic. I am a card collector and wanted some very unique cards that I could show off and display but wouldn't mind playing with. The high (neigh superior) quality of these cards instantly grabbed my attention and I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of them and could get many hours of play time while still maintaining the integrity of the cards. The designs were absolutely unique and beautiful. I was happy to show these off and ran around boasting about the design and craftsmanship. I also liked how a sample of a different pack was included in the packs I bought. Gave me some thoughts about new purchases but let me keep a card I could hold instead of just looking at it through the screen. All in all I would buy again. I was happy to have bicycle a name I could trust but excited to try the other brands. Lastly, the buy 3 get one free deal I purchased was well worth it as I wanted to try an extra pack but did not want to incur an extra cost (broke college student here, need deals to survive and keep my customership).

    10/10 will purchase again.

    - Armand, 05.02.2013

  14. I didn't purchase for me...It was a gift for my nephew but when the order cam I couldn't help myself and watched the dvds and started getting into it. The tricks are so cool and so much fun to be had so thanks heaps for you awesome products and your awesome services...Everything was so easy and my nephew is really happy showing off his deck to all his friends at school! Keep up the great work Ellusionist Team :D There's magic to be revealed around every corner, magic can never be can only evolve!!

    - Rachael, 05.01.2013

  15. I order David stones window the gimmick it came with was defected I notified the staff they were on it with in hours not days or weeks in hours it was great truly love how Ellusionist does care about the people and they take that extra step to go above and beyond everything I ordered can't complain it was all just great

    - Jeremiah, 04.30.2013

  16. First off, I Love Ellusionist! I think the high quality of all magic on the site really does separate it from any other magic selling site or shop, Anywhere! I really like the support you all supply anyone who needs it, the super fast shipping especially considering how far away I am, and the ability to trust both the ellusionist team and Brad himself (especially as i always pay with credit card!!!). It is thanks to this team that i am able to expand my skills and entertain a crowd no matter how big or small, doing things that seem impossible to the spectators eye. The only thing that i can comment negatively on is the cost of shipping which i would assume is out of the ellusionist teams' control anyway, Only reason is the exchange rate makes it expensive for me. But i have to overall say thanks to the ellusionist team for supporting me and i hope i can become the best in New Zealand in the near future. Thanks again Brad and team ellusionist! I am very grateful for all the effort you do. :)

    - Myles Ritchie, 04.29.2013

  17. High Quality Products, High Quality Service
    proud to be a customer for more than 5 years.

    - RD, 04.29.2013

  18. I have purchased invisible loops and other great products from this website. I am very satisfied with the quality of the products, instructional DVD's, and the customer service. My items were packaged safely and arrived quickly. Thank you, Ellusionist!

    - Daniel Escalante, 04.27.2013

  19. I wanted to get a gift certificate for my son for his birthday. After poking around on the site for a few minutes and not finding any obvious links, I emailed support. They were able to give me a link to the gift certificate purchase page. After that it was smooth sailing. I would encourage adding an obvious link on the home page (and maybe a category on the products page) to purchase gift certificates. I realize Ellusionist sells magic supplies but making the gift certificates invisible is not a good effect. :)

    - James Brown, 04.26.2013

  20. I absolutely love the decks that I have been purchasing since the beginning of April. Prices are affordable, cards look and feel great, and shipping is super-fast. They have great communication with their customers and response time is fast. Will continue to be an Ellusionist customer. My only regret is not learning of this site much sooner so that I could have purchased "No Longer For Sale" decks like Artifice Red, Sultan Treasury, LTD. and the one I would really like to get my hands on Arcane Gold Rare :-( All in All this is still one heck of site for fantastic playing cards and tricks.

    - Harry, 04.25.2013

  21. Amazing quality cards, my family play cards alot an these are some special looking ones. Decent price but delivery to uk charge u a fair bit then on the door they ask for another £15!! Not ellusionists fault though, deffinatly buy from here again.

    - Jay, 04.23.2013

  22. Every Time the website is opened up on my laptop I have a smile on my face. I was always into magic, but it was on and off. for maybe a month to 5 months I would buy like 3 or 5 tricks from a dealer, play with them, get bored, and put them in my magic box. One day at time I discovered your site and said " Wow one day I will be like that". Then I gave magic up for about 4 months and finally decided to see what new things came out. I went to your site and saw rubber raid and I went nuts. From that point I have been with magic. You have changed my look at magic. I have the m5 because of you and I am speechless. No words can describe how magical that thing is. Your decks are crazy and spending hours watching the trailers made by the coolest guy on earth (peter mckinnen). You inspired me to start my own magic club in school and it is very successful. I am not one of those guys who rips open a package,plays with a trick for a little, then goes and preforms it. I have had the m5 for months and I have not even taken it to the streets. Why? Because I want to play with it and get its full potential so then when I do preform it. People are speechless. This is a really long review so I will sum it up like this. I love you!!!! without you I would be a weak magician. I thank you so much!!!!!!

    - michael, 04.23.2013

  23. I can say without a doubt that Ellusionist is hands down one of the best training centers online. Everything I receive is always shipped quickly and well made. Revoke is an awesome trick with a very clever method. I have, however, been practicing the trick and have run into a kink. Mr. Vox has assisted and I'm continuing to work with this trick. Like they say, practice makes perfect. Thanks for being an A+ company. I will order from you all until you leave the Internet. WHAT WILL I DO THEN!?!? Thanks Ellusionist.

    - Nathan Nokes, 04.22.2013

  24. when i first ordered my three decks i could not wait until i got them. i remember when i walked in the front door and my sister said that there is something on the kitchen bench for me and when i walked over it was my package and i was so excited . i absolutely loved Madison rounders Daniel Madison did a really good job with them and i really liked the infinity deck too. there the best decks that i have so far and stand out beautifully with all of my other decks

    - samuel powis, 04.22.2013

  25. The shipping was relatively fast
    The packets the cards came in themselves were dented a bit on the corners which was unfortunate
    However the cards themselves were in perfect condition and are great to handle and use.
    I also love how there was an extra card included (the doubled sided trick card), it was a nice touch

    - Michael, 04.18.2013

Items 51 to 75 of 513 total Add Your Review
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