Were you wowed by our customer service or our super fast delivery?

Did we have just the right trick for you to amaze and astonish?

Did you have that special excitement as you ripped open your package?

Did you create an incredible experience for someone with your Ellusionist magic?

Did we do something to make you laugh?

Whatever it is, tell us about it!


We here at Ellusionist love to read the heartfelt, touching and sometimes funny testimonials we get from our customers about their experiences shopping with us. We are a company that is truly humbled by our customers' devotion and loyalty and we are committed to earning that loyalty through exceptional service to you, our customer.

Your testimonials are our inspiration every day for providing you the best shopping experience we can for your magic needs. So go ahead and tell us, what's your Ellusionist experience?

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  1. I just want to say thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I had an address change mishap and your team specifically Chris and Jenifer took care of my problem very quickly. I know that there are a lot of customers being taken care of, but the response time is just amazing. I appreciate everything Ellusionist and its employees does to help the customer and I just wanted to commend them for their great service. Thank so much again and keep up the great work!

    - Neal, 03.18.2013

  2. Those are amazing deck of cards. I love all of them. I will buy more. Thank you.

    - Tu Phung, 03.17.2013

  3. Would shop with you folks again

    - jack kelly, 03.16.2013

  4. I really don't remember how i got to the site. I've ordered quite a few times and i'm never disappointed at the quality of the products. From playing cards to DVDs and everything in between. Going to keep buying until the day i die. Also as Member of the Black Club, i want to say that the membership is worth the price and the benefits are more than i ever imagined. Amazing Store!!

    - Joel, 03.16.2013

  5. First off I want the whole team at Ellusionist to know how thankful I am for making the company amazing and a great place to shop and learn magic, THANK ALL OF YOU! Ellusionist has amazing guest service, and super super fast delivery. I spent hours looking at all the products and videos and found a lot that matched my skill level and price range. The products are always shipped nicely and safely and are of great quality. Thank you Ellusionist for always making me a happy guest!

    - Michael Candelaria III, 03.16.2013

  6. I love these cards they are made for the perfect magician and have a thick smooth feel. I love these cards.

    - Rick Vasquez, 03.16.2013

  7. The Ninja DVDs featuring Brad changed my magic life for the better.I applied Slydini theory to the riffle pass to create a pass that is invisible even when your hands are being burned!I owe it all to Brad and my teacher Slydini.

    - Russell Carsey, 03.16.2013

  8. i was very pleased with the 3 deck sample pack, even when one of the decks came slightly bent up, you guys sent me a courtesy deck. thats awesome. thank you

    - Joseph, 03.15.2013

  9. Ellusionist is something that changed my life of magic. Magic is hobby for me and now am learning pretty beautiful tricks thanks to you guys. Waiting for more downloadable cool magic tricks. Good luck with everything

    - Lazare, 03.15.2013

  10. You guys are amazing, the products are high quality and your support is awsome. Shopping around I have found your prices a bit higher then other sites but I have the confidence knowing you have tested and used each product you sell and that you stand behind it. The videos are always the highest quality and Brad does a great job of walking you through each technique. It is definatly worth a couple extra dollars for the support, service and the confidence in what I am getting.

    - Seth LeMaster, 03.13.2013

  11. I've been a long time customer. My first magic purchase was with you guys back in 2005 I think. And since then I've never looked back. I am now a paid magician, something I never thought I could do. I still practice the ideas and thoughts shared by Brad in the first Ellusionist videos. I remember him stressing to the us as magicians to go slow, let the magic sink in.

    Over the past couple of years I've been doing more and more business with other dealers. And had lost touch with Ellusionist. But today I called to place an order for the new release "Invisible" and I was greeted and entertaine by the friendliest woman ever. Her name was Jennifer and she was amazing!

    I was instantly reminded of the great customer service I received in the past and it made me remember that when it comes to customer service that Ellusionist is second to none.

    My primary job is in customer service, I am a supervisor of 4 restaurants so I've seen the worst and I've seen the best. And you guys definitely are at the top.

    Thank you so much for the service and the ability to do something I truly love to do.

    P.S. thank you Jennifer for making what was turning into a terrible day, into something a lot brighter. I appreciate that so much!

    Brandon Sheffield

    - Brandon Sheffield, 03.05.2013

  12. Truely a great trick. Enjoy showing it and seeing the reactions on people's faces. And then letting them examine the pins. Easy to carry around.

    - Bob M, 03.05.2013

  13. I ordered the products and they were delivered quickly. No issues at all with products.

    I also love the website. Im the typical broke college student but im saving up for Invisible. Seems like your products are top notch.

    - Eric, 03.05.2013

  14. I am more blown away by your excellent customer service than anything. Product was as described, and I got it on time, but the follow up emails and concern of satisfaction seem genuine and make me know I made the right choice. I look forward to my next purchase.

    - Justin, 03.04.2013

  15. My first child being born has slowed down my time to practice with cards. However, I still look through and inevitably purchase every new deck of cards that is released. The answer is simple. I love both the design and quality of the cards produced at Ellusionist. Keep up the great work!

    - James Powell, 03.02.2013

  16. I was angry when I got my blue ltd deck because it had marks on the box. One was a 1 and half inch gash on the side. Hope to hear back and I want a new deck but if I don't ill think twice

    - Matthew matrtin, 03.02.2013

  17. the cards you guys make are just awesome

    - jin, 03.02.2013

  18. the cards you guys make are just awesome

    - jin, 03.02.2013

  19. Thanks for the awesome product you sell. The only issue I had was USPS Service is slow and the tracking cannot be traced into Canada. Other than that, I love the cards.

    - Vincent Campbell, 03.01.2013

  20. I missed out on the red, but these blues are fantastic. I love the look and handling of these cards.

    - Jim Franklin, 03.01.2013

  21. I was really excited for the blue ltd, because it just came out, but I think you guys should send every black club member a prototype when you guys have one. The trick sharpie just amazes people, which I made up an ink change for; and the card clip is protective, but if I put a deck in, every once it a while, the ink on the box will slightly chip. Also, I have every deck by ellusionist and I love them all!

    - Sullivan, 03.01.2013

  22. I love blue ltd very beautiful
    Looking forward to Madison Rounders

    - yuchao, 03.01.2013

  23. the best thing for a guy who wants to learn and can without leaving the house (two babies lol) thank you

    - Angelo, 03.01.2013

  24. I think you are a very fantastic company and if I were asked what is my favorite company ever i will truly answer ellutionist and reason i state OK is because in every order I get not only you guys , but the price of good shipping and If we get USPS ( cheapest shipping) I would track my order and it hasn't updated so this is not your fault but i wanted to say that because you asked how was my order, but in my view of the company and products itself I rate 10/10

    - Kevin zheng, 02.27.2013

  25. Don't change a thing

    - Willie, 02.24.2013

Items 101 to 125 of 513 total Add Your Review
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