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Dai Vernon once said, "One of the most visually striking things for a spectator to witness is a color change."

But, what if that color change happened UNDER the wrapper of your card box? This added convincer of changing items under the wrapper elevates that impossibility. This is Conspiracy by Eric Ross.

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  1. by Michael Nguyen

    Oct 2011

    So why will it cost more than the $15 for the download? Because you'll need to go on a scavenger hunt to acquire all the items needed to contruct the gimmick. Sure construction is easy enough, but getting everything required to make performance slick is pricey. After which, you'll be making a gimmick that is easily detectable. Even on the performances on the download, it flashes from the cameraman's angle. Way too expensive for it to be so risky and dirty.

  2. by Devesh

    Jun 2011

    This is a very good color change , it is a little impractical , but not so much that you can't do it .

    I don't recommend buying this if you do not have a PK ring ,
    Eric Ross to his credit does teach alternate ways to make the change ,
    but that isn't half as good .

  3. by alex villalpando

    Jun 2011

    I have to give it to Eric on how visually striking it is, but the gimick is tedious to make. The change itself was quite difficult... to his credit shows multiple ways of doing it. It just wasn't what I expected thought it'd be a quick easy thing to do turned out to be difficult and just didn't like the way it was set up. All in all great change just very impractical.

  4. by Mark Cayen

    May 2011

    I must admit at first, I was quite excited and thought that I was getting a dvd with the
    gimmick inside. But found out it was a download which was fine.
    However, upon watching the video, I must agree with some of the other reviewers
    by saying that my dissapointment was with the making of the gimmick.
    If not made almost perfectly, then it is rather detectable.
    The trick is brilliant, well thought out and overall great in my mind.
    The one main thing that disturbs me is this "trend" that seems to be
    "spreading" throughout the magic community, of having no choice but to make
    your own gimmicks!! I suppose I'm just showing my age, beecause I
    remember a time when you walked into your local magic shop and when you bought a trick, you got EVERYTHING you needed!
    Calle old fashioned, but I liked it better that way!
    My deepest apologies for the long rant, but it needed to be said!!!

  5. by Philip Nehrt

    May 2011

    Well, good looking effect if you can palm and dump, but in NONE of the shots in the demo video could the magician have gotten away with it. His hand is always off camera to allow him to dump, and it would be surrounded by a crowd, dropping it on the ground - so no go. As a single effect, seated with little angle issues, you could do this, but not in a street or surrounded situation, and tough as a part of a routine (that is, as a stand alone, easy).

  6. by John Batttaglia

    May 2011

    Nice effect, but it is too easy to get caught. If you do this in a club or bar with low lighting, it might work well. But I have gotten caught too many times to continue doing this! Gimmick is not hard to make, and you really need a PK ring to be effective.

  7. by Luis Castro Costa

    Apr 2011

    I agree with most of the reviews before mine. Little details, few variations, clean up not easy. I'm usually satisfied with the products I buy here, but this one needs improvement.

  8. by Jake Scott

    Mar 2011

    I bought this, thinking it would be easy to perform and simple to make, boy was i wrong. Not only is it difficult to do the "move", making the gimmick is incredibly teedy. you need multiple objects, so of which are hard to find. I highly discourage anyone from buying this.

  9. by Josea Evan Tjitasura

    Feb 2011

    The effect is not perfect, and not really practical. You actually need quite a few things to make the gimmick. Not my cup of tea.

  10. by Johari Dramiga

    Feb 2011


  11. by Ahraz Ahmed

    Jan 2011

    This is the smoothest trick I have ever got. I got more reactions from this than i got from Sick by Sean Fields. This trick has got edge to it. I got amazing reactions from the spectators, they went crazy. And the best part was the inspection. You are always, and I mean ALWAYS, clean. Nobody can ever catch you doing anything unusual. The card goes under the plastic, changes, and that is it. This trick, anyone without the slightest idea of magic can do this with the most colossal response.

  12. by Jose Suarez

    Jan 2011

    I went into buying the trick thinking it was almost a self working gimmick; meaning, there would not be much to clean up, or conceal, but that's not exactly true. For my first time buying a trick explained by Eric, I was pretty disappointed. It felt like he was rushing through the whole thing, giving very little detail on the variations, angles, random tips that I would have gotten with some one else and really just not appearing to care to teach what he was selling. The gimmick is not easy to conceal unless you stand a little far from the spectator, which sorta contradicts the idea of closeup magic. Overall, I feel like it was a bit over-priced for what basically is a cheap video of some one attempting to teach a new color change. If he had at least put effort into explaining the gimmick, I might have just felt good about it. And the thing that bothered me the most is that, if you don't have a PK ring (which plays a vital role in making this trick look it's best), the tricks seem fairly dull. All in all, its a good trick, but I feel it went in the wrong direction.

  13. by Dillon Reyna

    Dec 2010

    All in all, Conspiracy is a great trick. But not 15$ worth of great. Yes, the gimmick is easily constructed, but it is also hard to conceal unless you make the cuts precise. The methods for completing the trick are also very noticeable. I give it 3 stars for creativity and the overall trick. The methods however, could use some work.

  14. by Bryan Ramoga

    Dec 2010

    The tutorial was kinda fast, the gimmick is not that clean as well as the performance in tutorial, though the idea is nice together with eric's variations but for me I still prefer Brad Christian as my teacher, nothing beats him when it comes to detailed teaching...

  15. by Dillon Reyna

    Dec 2010

    Eric Ross is a magician mastermind. You can pull this trick on anyone, they will never suspect it. Your audience will never know what hit them.

  16. by Joshua ovalle

    Oct 2010

    Fun to make as it is to perform with, this is a stunning way to change a card from right under a persons nose. Eric Ross is a great teacher very down to earth, no stone unturned. but one word for the wise, invest in a pk ring gives you limit less option when doing this illusion.

  17. by michael uy

    Oct 2010

    The concept was great. the gimmick is easy to construct and it would only cost you a few buck if you don't have the materials. The things I didn't like about the video is that the methods used in the instructional video is very different or far from the teaser video. In the tutorial video you could see the gimmick as he preforms with it. The way Eric Ross taught the ways on how to use the gimmick is badly done and it lacks details such as the angles, way of handling.

  18. by bob nachora

    Oct 2010

    i've tried to do the trick in a party to impress some girls, i did get wild reactions from the crowd and specially their numbers and infos :D

  19. by Jack Newton

    Oct 2010

    This is the first thing I've ever bought from Ellusionist and I'm quite pleased.
    It might seem pretty basic and it is hard to keep it clean in a routine but if done right it looks amazing, even in front of the mirror.
    I especially like the card to wallet routine.

  20. by Yousuf Ibrahim

    Oct 2010

    This is the best gimmick homemade trick in the world. If you get this you wont regret it. Pros:long lasting gimmick, the best gimmick ever. Cons: none

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