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METAL by Eric Jones gives what you need to become a superstar. (Or at least become amazingly proficient with a set of Walking Liberties).

Your teacher is from the underground... Eric Jones. Directed by Brad Christian, this DVD was designed to serve as a full-service, gimmickless reference guide to coin magic

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When you order the Metal 1,2 & 3 DVD's together, get a FREE set of 4 of our custom Artifact Coins (half dollar size). $28 Value.
(Just choose the "Metal 1,2,3 DVD with free coins" from the dropdown menu above)

Brad wanted a single full-scale DVD that could range from beginner all the way through advanced, and give beautiful instruction along with ALL the moves you could ever want to learn ---- including the latest guarded sleights and the most devious moves of the past.

When you acquire Metal, you will own a reference guide to becoming great. That much will be obvious. So sit back, click Play, and get to work.

If you don't own any coins we highly recommend picking some up. Ellusionist sells high-quality, custom Artifact coins (half dollar size) that will glimmer as you perform.

• Finger palm
• Ramsay subtlety
• Classic palm
• Kaps / Malini subtlety
• Holding out multiples
• Thumb palm
• Downs palm
• Buckley production
• Mutobe palm
• Curl palm
• Edge grip
• Goshman / tenkai pinch
• JW grip
• Korn production
• Mutobe production
• The pop
• French pop

• Taking
• Quick vanish
• Putting
• Elusive vanish
• Retention vanish
• Stylized retention pass

• Click pass
• Jones pass
• Roth shuttle pass
• Utility switch
• Wiped clean
• Townshend Hand washing
• Bobo switch
• Jones switch
• Benzais Friction palm

• Dr. E.M. Roberts sleeving
• Parallel sleeve vanish
• Sleeve retrieval


• 4-coin coins across
• Using a jumbo coin
• Simplex 3 fly
• Loose change
• Bluff vanish
• Jones spellbound


• Getting caught
• Windows
• Closing thoughts


• Coin rolldown
• Five coin star
• Arm roll


Jones talked with us about more of what's on this massive DVD, about the effect that got him hooked on magic, what happened after his first visit to a magic store and what ended up on his head during the filming of Metal.


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Customer Reviews

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  1. by jackson f

    May 2016

    Eric Jones is an amazing teacher who gives lots of details and helped me go from newbie to coin magician. I love his stuff and he is very fun to watch. Lots of materials and the routines are VERY POWERFUL!!!! THANKS ELLUSIONIST AND ERIC JONES!!!!

  2. by Scott Harvey

    Jan 2016

    Got this after seeing him on Fool Us. Got all three and have started performing four coins across. Eric is one of the better teachers of magic and the best at coins in my humble opinion.

    Get all three if you want to add coin magic to your life.

  3. by Alex McCaffrey

    Aug 2015

    Eric Jones is a natural teacher. He presents his material more clearly than any coin instructional I have seen. The only thing holding you back once you have this set is your own effort and contribution. Simpy indispensable videos for coin nerds.

  4. by Brett Cantrell

    Aug 2015

    My brain exploded. I've read Bobo. I have David Roth's Expert Coin Magic. I've worked through Richard Kauffman's Coin Magic. But nobody teaches coin magic as well as Eric Jones. This DVD is pure gold. He teaches sleights, and the reason to use those sleights, and the situation in which they work best. My recommendation? If you're interested in coin magic, buy this and buy it now. The price should be no barrier. It's worth way more than you'll pay.

  5. by Christian Saavedra

    Apr 2015

    I love Metal!!! I've been a fan of Eric Jones because I admire how fluent he is with coins. This dvd is very well for the beginner and intermediate. After I finished watching it, I could only image how much fun I would have practicing the routines and coming up with my own ideas and variations. I highly recommend this dvd to anybody wanting to start coin magic. Eric Jones is a very good teacher and I can't wait until I get metal 2. Buy this!!!

  6. by Nolan Borzoni

    Aug 2014

    I'm VERY new to coin magic, so I thought this was a good start, and it was. Eric did an incredible job with this project, and I could see myself getting Metal 2 and 3 in the future. Every time I couldn't get a move the first time, he'd explain it again just right. Took me two days to finish the video and I am already performing a few tricks! I am excited to start putting a whole routine together.

  7. by Josh Bowerman

    Mar 2014

    I'm fairly new to coin magic. I've been working through Bobo's book, but I'm a much better visual learner. Metal is just what i was looking for. Things are starting to make a lot more since. Eric Jones is a great teacher. His ideas and instructions are easy to follow and he breaks down every little move so that you gain a thorough understanding of the moves. Now all I need is a ton of practice and Metal 2.

  8. by Corey Werber

    Jan 2014

    I have known a few coin slights for a while and I really wanted to get into coin magic. I'm glad i purchased this DVD. It is shot well and Eric goes over each slight a few times and does it slow and does it fast so you can see what it looks like. In some DVDs or videos I skip an effect or two because it is either not shot well or too hard. In this DVD, everything is taught very well and I believe that I could use about everything taught. This is perfect for the beginner or intermediate coin handler.

  9. by William Bain

    Dec 2013

    If you're thinking of getting this DVD or download, JUST GET IT. It's flawless. The vanishes, productions, and general coin-handling information is fantastic. these moves will take you from casual to serious right away. The video is shot very well, with multiple camera-angles so you can really see what's going on, and Eric is very clear in his explanations and delivery. It's like having the perfect teacher sit with you for as long as you need to get it right.

  10. by Ty Hill

    Dec 2013

    I am primarily a card magician, the routines in here made me very interested in coin magic (for beginners I highly suggest the "1902" coins sold on E) solid techniques, Mr. Jones is a great teacher nothing is skipped over or leaves you wondering... 'well how do I do that?!?!' his teaching fills all the gaps that could possibly be there, really great product

  11. by Josh Burch

    Aug 2013

    This is a great reference for some of the classic moves in coin magic as well as some modern classics. The most helpful part was the very end when it gave you routines you could do with the moves.

    Eric is one of the best coin workers in the world and a great teacher at that. I didn't really like the format of the DVD though. There were tons of sleights taught but I really don't have an application for all of them. You have to watch over an hour of sleights before you see the less than an hour applications.

    This is a very good beginner DVD.

  12. by David Borland

    Jul 2013

    Fantastic. Absolutely brilliant. As somebody who had never attempted coin magic before watching this I can honestly say that it teaches anything and everything you would need to start coin magic including palming, productions, vanishes, sleevings and flourishes. Jones is a great teacher and i now refer back to the dvd whenever i need to refresh my knowledge of magic with a coin. This should be considered a Bible by magicians of all over the world.

  13. by Joseph Lennart

    Jul 2013

    great dvd. great teacher. great material. it is great. PERIOD

  14. by Caleb Davis

    Jul 2013

    Well for starters, I am pretty sure I speak for every left handed magician when I say, "It was worth every penny!"

    Aside from being extremely grateful there is another left handed magician out there, the DVD was extremely amazing in expanding my love for coin magic, Eric was an amazing teacher and I will definitely use the techniques taught as well as applying them in the streets

  15. by James Mac Arthur

    Jun 2013

    Metal is a great way to get sarted in coin magic. Eric is the best teacher for the job and all the effects and moves are very simple with his instruction. If you're looking to start on coin magic get this DVD.

  16. by michael blau

    Jun 2013

    By far my favorite dvd on coin magic.

  17. by Chris Taylor

    May 2013

    Great dvd for coin magic, great explanations, would definately reccomend for anyone interested in coin magic.

  18. by Anand Tyagi

    May 2013

    The material on this DVD is essential. If you are a magician just starting out on coin magic or even anyway, this is a great way to start. These moves are something you can perform anywhere and with a little practice, they will look astounding. Eric Jones is also a great teacher. So......what are you waiting for.....get this!

  19. by Eric Bailey

    May 2013

    I picked this up off of Eric Jones himself at a convention in May. He is one of the best educators around. These videos are really high quality, and he is so detailed that you never feel lost in the magic. I recommend them all. I think Metal 1 is the very best video I have found for basic, sound fundamentals in coin manipulation.

  20. by Kyle Hedrick

    May 2013

    Best DVD out there by far for coin magic. Eric Jones is one of the best teachers out there, especially when it comes to coin magic

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