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Note: There is slight Damage to the tuck box with these decks. The cards inside are not affected. This is why we are offering these cards at a discount.

Gaffs are unseen playing cards that let you manipulate truth.

You will move ink, reshape matter, pierce thoughts, dominate minds, camouflage reality... and trash ALL RULES.

A new era of gaffed card magic has come into view. It takes over where UltraGaff left off.

Full Overview

Comparing the Arcane Gaff decks to most gaff decks is like comparing sparring to cage fighting. You know that you've come to the party prepared. When you carry weaponry this engineered, the moment is about to be owned by you.

Nearly all the individual cards were created by Greg Wilson and his secret weapon Jimmy the Grip. (Jimmy is an underground worker who prefers to remain in shadows, but is consulted in nearly all Greg's work.) With relentless attention to detail, we trashed rules and began discovering new, unexplored gaff magic. What was born was a new era in gaff magic.



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Get the first 5 minutes of the DVD Free

The long playing DVD walks you through the uses for these gaff cards, teaches you the must-know sleights that solidify the experience. You'll go out onto the hot streets of Austin TX where the film was shot, witness never-before-seen effects performed by Greg as he unveils the true power of gaffed card magic, in force.


• Poker to BlackJack
• Suit Yourself
• iDeck
• Box Trick
• About Face
• Grain of Truth
• FinderPrint
• Blur
• Factory Fresh
• Crossfade
• Air Apparent
• Carnival Card
• Princess Poker
• Point Spread
• Naked palm
• On the mark
• Steamer
• 20-Won
• One Card TnR
• FreeFall
• Casino Cut Card
• Full Spread Ahead


• Classic Force
• Riffle Force
• Top Change
• Botop Change
• Flippant Change
• Boomerang
• Double Undercut
• Spread Pass
• Bubble Break
• Double Lift

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