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Up and comer, Calen Morelli teaches you a profound way to snag a spectators choice from a stream of cards as they whirl by.

A spectator freely selects a card from a normal deck, signs it, places it back into the deck and shuffles it. Once they are satisfied that the card is lost, you fan the cards and grab the card from the deck with your teeth.

This is a great stand alone effect or could be done in additional to any Ambitious Card Routine.

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  1. by Carl Karlsson

    Aug 2013

    Very clever trick. A bit "angly" though. Excellent teaching by Calen, overall a great trick to grab attention with

  2. by Eli Greene

    May 2013

    Great attention grabbing reputation maker. Very good trick except for the fact that you have to have a deck you aren't scared of bending up.

  3. by Eli Greene

    May 2013

    Great attention grabbing reputation maker. Very good trick except for the fact that you have to have a deck you aren't scared of bending up.

  4. by Valdimar Jenko

    Feb 2013

    This is one of the tricks that I love to do when anybody hands a deck to me! It's easy and its great.
    Well, I do practice up to 8 hours a day with cards and coins. And it's a great trick. It took me 2 days to learn the under pressure so its not hard.

  5. by Todd LeShane

    Apr 2012

    I just performed this for my family and they flipped. No set up, no gimmick, and slight of hand your grandmother could do.
    The hardest part i encountered while performing this trick was the under pressure flourish. If you dont know it already, before buying learn how to do a pressure fan, ( find instruction anywhere on the internet, dont need to do it perfectly.)The rest comes naturally with time.
    This trick doesnt look magical, nor natural. It looks super-human. Definately the most impromptu trick ive learned on ellusionist as well.
    Don't let the price or reviews fool you. A little practice with the flourish and you'll be ripping a selected card clean out of any deck of cards handed to you.

  6. by Josh Burch

    Mar 2012

    This is a great effect that uses the under pressure flourish. It tends to be a little bit of a knacky move to accomplish but it is well worth the practice. Calen's instructions might not fit all learning styles so I would recommend checking on Dan and Dave's website for a more in depth tutorial on the under pressure flourish.

  7. by Sascha Bodak

    Jul 2011

    I bought this trick and within an hour I was amazing my friends. Clench is a double-edged sword; you learn both a cool trick and an awesome-looking flourish. Definitely worth the $7.95.

  8. by eli arbreton

    Mar 2011

    The trick seems really good and i like the explanation, but he does not really tell you how to do some of the stuff, he just expects you to know it. The problem is if you can't do the under pressure flourish you can't really do the trick.

  9. by Austin Poe

    Feb 2011

    Clench (when done right) will blow people away. Be warned- the Under Pressure flourish takes quite a bit of practice, but dont give up on it. Great trick, great teaching.

  10. by Eddie Goddard

    Nov 2010

    I think that this will be a great trick for me one day but it will be hard to get to this level of greatness. The instructions for how to do the sleights are not taught in detail enough and seem as if you are mean't to already know what to do. Otherwise it seems it will be a very powerful effect.

  11. by Jack Crane

    Nov 2010

    Im a complete beginner, in the video the guy says you already need to know how to do a pressure fan, without even showing you (if you dont know) how to do it, and the same for springing the cards. Not good.

    Good trick though.

  12. by Milla

    Nov 2010

    I put this in my card routine and it has been getting great reactions! Clench is simple, visual and practical.
    Buy now!

  13. by James

    Nov 2010

    this is small trick but i think it's super effective. it seems so impossible from the spectators perspective. awesome job calen.

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