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A card is selected and remembered. A lighter is borrowed. Introduce your phone, your digital camera, your FLIP HD, or your camcorder.

Have the spectator record or take a picture what is about to happen. They will want to keep this moment forever. Because when your spectator lights their lighter, the FLAME itself visibly forms the shape of their chosen card.

Imagination? No. This is Illumin8.

Full Overview

Illuminate takes card revelations to a whole new level, as the image of their card forms within the flame of the lighter you just borrowed. Want to document the image? Have the spectator snap a picture! Then offer to send it to them so they have something to have with them always! Illuminate is visual, practical, fun and easy to do!

"Try for a moment to realize its potential, and you will then want one!"
-Alain Nu, "The Man Who Knows"

"Mike has a winning combination of high tech and high touch magic. Illuminate is a magical mash up of the primal element of fire, a modern phone-cam, and playing cards."
-Jeff McBride, Creator of the Mystery School

“Mike Hankins has created a self working, offbeat illusion that anyone can master in minutes. Highly recommended.”
-Eric Jones

1 Hour DVD with Gimmick included.

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  1. by Anibal Lopez

    Apr 2013

    The gimmic can only be used once per crowd. The demo vid made it seem much more then what it is.

  2. by Matt Adams

    Dec 2012

    What the heck?! I own this and still don't fully understand it! SUPER cool technology - and best part is after just a few minutes watching the DVD you can pretty much quit because you understand enough to do the trick. Not sure why a DVD was even necessary with this effect, actually.

    5 stars for the trick itself, but loses a star because you can't buy JUST the are stuck with a DVD that you likely won't need if you've done magic for more than a few weeks. :)

  3. by Crash Lightning Bolt

    Feb 2011

    This takes a whole new meaning to "camera tricks", doesn't it?

  4. by Douglas Hunnington

    Jan 2011

    I am in awe, this is amazing! I was pretty skeptical that this kind of effect could be done as easy as described. I picked one up yesterday and I am blown away! The hearts are just as clear as you see in the video! I was able to repeat the effect in moments after watching the DVD! And it uses two items I always carry with me when I go out, a lighter and my camera phone! You can also sub in a pen light if you are going to be somewhere fire isn't going to be allowed. I give it 4 out of 5 because it does require some setup, but once that’s done it can be performed again and again! I love fire magic and this is going to make a good addition to my routines!

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