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A casual, clean, easy to learn and use move which can be used to replace classic force.

Learn a technique that you'll use all the time, with any deck, and wonder how you ever got by without it.

You'll also learn a bonus effect that you can perform right away using this incredible sleight.

Video time is 15 Minutes.

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  1. by Henry Bustamante

    Jul 2016

    I wish there were more stars available because I want to give this all of them! I got this download a few years ago and I must say, I LOVE this force. This is my absolute go-to force, I use this so much I use it when I don't even need to force a card sometimes, because it's just that clean, deceptive, and just plain out awesome. Although it's fairly easy, it will take practice to get smooth, but oh my, once it's second nature it is just BEAUTIFUL!!

    I got it when it was like 9 or 10 bucks and I definitely believe it was well worth the money. (I love it, I love it, I love it...just can't emphasize enough how amazing it is.) Seeing now that it's $6...it's a STEAL! GET IT, ADD TO CART NOWWW!!!!

    Seriously, how can you live with yourself if you don't have this...?? Why are you still reading this review? SHHH just shhh, stop with the excuses and just get it....I said shh...just add to cart and stop wasting your time reading this, add to cart NOW!!!

  2. by Juan Fonseca

    Mar 2016

    I haven't been able to get a consistent classic force and this was the solution. It's so clean and it looks so fair that I even got to fool a fellow magician who is known for his forcing techniques.

  3. by Jordan Dyk

    Jun 2014

    This force is my new favorite force because it appears entirely fair. At no point does the spectator not lose sight of the card they "choose". Able to be used in a multitude of effects and in a variety of ways. Well worth the purchase!

  4. by Maxime Ferri

    Mar 2014

    Very useful move, you will need to practice it at the beginning, and then it will be very easy to do. This force is now one of my favourites.

  5. by Patrick Elmo

    Jan 2014

    This force is so good and very easy. I performed this 1 hour after i got it. Highly recommended!

  6. by Josh Burch

    Dec 2013


    This is an EASY and very versatile force. The applications that it can be used for are ridiculously diverse.

    This is a force, a switch and a control all in one sleight. You can have the spectator sign a card and have the back change color all with no gaffs. He also goes into a way to palm the card off while they think their card is out jogged.

    This is an easy force, maybe it's intermediate but it looks sooo clean it is completely safe it mimics the classic force perfectly!

    For its deceptive nature, versatility, and ease I'm giving this five stars. I believe it is one of the best forces I have ever seen. Patrick's thinking in this is incredibly original, modern and deceptive. More magic needs to be like this.

  7. by Robert Marston

    Jun 2013

    I really love this force and the fact that it can be used to force an odd backed card. Patrick Kun does a great job explaining the force as well. I would definitely recommend this download to any card magician.

  8. by Daniel Quinones

    May 2013

    I can't believe anyone would give this a negative review, if you can find fault with this one then you should stick to self working tricks.

  9. by Eli Greene

    May 2013

    Difficult, yet very safe force. Not one that I use that often, but still a great one to know

  10. by daniel lam

    May 2013

    a very useful force that is also versatile and safer than the classic force. the bonus effect is nice and is great for fast impromptu tricks that amaze spectators

  11. by Inho Kim

    Mar 2013

    I use this force all the time! The bonus effect included in this download is priceless! Thanks Patrick and Ellusionist for offering this great force!!

  12. by Matthew Owens

    Aug 2012

    Despite the little bit of practice that this force takes, it is a very usefull tool that cuts out a lot of extra moves to hide the back of a card or to control the card to the bottom of the deck. This method of force is a lot more natural compared to others as well and I've been able to fool many people who also do card magic by using this force.

  13. by davis pastars

    Jan 2012

    i would like to see how this card force works

  14. by Edgar Guzman

    Sep 2011

    This force is an interesting little toy, but the only problem is... It's annoying. First off: Patrick Kun invents stuff that doesn't truly work with people who have smaller hands. I bought Vector, and was highly disappointed. Although my hands are not small, I had trouble getting used to this, and to Vector. Also, Patrick teaches stuff way to fast, and doesn't go over something many times, and spends more time on the history of the trick. Lastly, I was angry that you can get the same(or similar) force in earbuds. All you have to do is understand a little magic.

  15. by Tyler Rifley

    Sep 2011

    This force is so well put together that I still use it even when I do not need to force a card. It looks professional and it was well taught. I believe this is what David Blaine used for his Hot Shot cut on his street magic special.

    It does take some practice but in 2-3 hours of practice, it will be perfected if you are a good card handler.

    This would be a great force to use for the hotshot cut. Even though you don't need to force a card for that cut, It is good to use to control their card to the bottom instead of using a shuffle control. You can control it as you close up the pack.

    Everyone who does magic should know this one.

  16. by Matt

    Sep 2011

    Great Product because the explaination is so clear. This is my first product off thiss site and i am truly amazed at the quality. You will see my reviews more often. 5min of practice and you can do this on the street. You will be geting more of my business. This trick is clearly un detectible

  17. by Ryan Holdsworth

    Jul 2011

    This force is my second favorite only next to classic(simply because I like the innocence of letting the spectator chose and remove a forced card.) But unlike Classic Force, this one will never fail. Be prepared to practice this though, I recommend having this near perfect before using because the spectator may become suspicious if it is done improperly. Its a wonderful little tool to have.

  18. by Ryan H

    Jul 2011

    One word: WOW.

    More than one word: This trick is a sensational force with tons of applications. Patrick is a fantastic teacher and there are multiple applications of the force that he runs you through at the end of the video.

    I tricked everyone at the family dinner table, including my sons who "know all my tricks." And that was after only 20 min of practice.

    The "prediction" card of a differing color is brilliant.

    Thanks Patrick for sharing your secrets.

  19. by peredur jenkins

    Jun 2011

    very clever slight of hand taught in great depth slight echo but i was able to hear what u where saying clearly however i'm having problems spreading the cards as well as you but i hope this will come along with practice

  20. by Nicolas

    May 2011

    This is a great tool, it's kind of an alternative for the classic force. But be prepared to practice, if not done properly, the spectator will become very suspicious, very quickly.
    However, this has huge potential ! I use it all the time, in a variety of routines.
    Imagine a spectator freely selects a card, the card is out-jogged and shown to the spectator, the card is left out-jogged until the very last minute, he can even push it back into the deck. The deck is then givin to the spectator and shuffled, after the deck is givin back to you, you attempt to find their card, after failing numerous times, you finally ask the spectator what was their card, their card is no longer in the deck but in your pocket...
    Great tool, go for it

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