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The Artifact Coins were created for the coin man who desires all of the properties, beauty, and antique richness that are found in coins such as the Walking Liberty or the Barber Half dollar, without the heavy price tag associated with original antique coins.

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Latin Phrase meaning:

"I Remain Unvanquished" - (invictus maneo)
"From Possibility to Reality" - (A posse ad esse)

Finding a minter that would produce such a coin for Ellusionist was a challenge in itself. Our requirements for these coins were very specific in order to attain the qualities that coin magicians covet. Every detail had to be exact, the weight, the thickness, the edges & milling, the color of metal, the darkened patina areas, the design detail, the glide, the noise... there are not many coin makers in the world who were willing to be held to such standards.

At one point, Ellusionist was told by our coin maker, that they did not want to work with Ellusionist any longer because of our strict quality control. However, when the coins were completed, those same people said that they have never made such a beautiful product and they understand now why Ellusionist was so precise.

"Wow, they're amazing. " - Daniel Madison, Advocate of the Deceptive Arts

• Masterfully crafted and beautifully designed.
• Cast in soft metal as recommended by top coin magicians.
• Low 'talk' and noise.
• Smooth glide.
• Edges & milling engineered to match antique, worn coins.
• Designed in house by Jason Brumbalow, Lee McKenzii, and Brad Christian.
• Highly resistant to wear, scratches and impact.
• Size of US half-dollar dimensions - Weight 11.8g - Diameter 30.5 mm - Thickness 2.7mm
• Size of US Dollar dimensions - Weight 26.7g - Diameter 38.8 mm - Thickness 2.7mm

Artifact Revision 2 New Features & Enhancements:

• New US Dollar size (by demand).
• New Latin phrases on coin face.
• New Copper color for color changes.
• Sharper edges & deeper milling for better grip.

"Elegant, stylish and handle like a dream." - Eric Jones, Top Coin Pro

Looking for Artifact Gaffed Coins? We have established a partnership with master machinist Roy Kueppers who can make ALL of your needed gaffs for the Artifacts. He will craft the top of the line gaffs with your Artifact coins.

• Flipper coins
• Expanded Shells
• Folding coins
• Two sided
• Magnetic coins
• Shimmed
• Etc

He'll even create custom work based on your needs. Give him a shout, he's a great guy and you can reach him here.

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  • by Jay

    Dec 2016

    These coins are way too slippery. The thickness is a major issue as well, although they do look spectacular for all performances:
    look good,
    good weight,
    too thick
  • by Landon

    Dec 2016

    Very sleek coins. Before I even start a trick with these coins, spectators are already asking questions! These coins are not the quality of some arcade token, oh no. These are perfect for any coin routine.
  • by Scott Medine

    Sep 2016

    I love these coins! They are extremely well balanced and easy to manipulate making them just right for tricky sleight of hand moves. I usually use dollar size coins in my routines so these coins offer me two advantages: they are lighter than the Eisenhower or Morgan dollars and they are a lot less expensive than purchasing my coins from coin dealer shops or pawn shops. I just purchased a second order of the copper colored coins and noticed that the silver coins were "out of stock." I hope this means that Ellusionist is not going to discontinue the coins because that would be such a loss. On the other hand, it may make the existing coins already out there collector's items.
  • by Anthony Alonzo

    Sep 2016

    I obtained these coins yesterday along with the Metal 1,2,3 DVD set.

    I am new to coin tricks, and so far, the first hour of the Metal 1 DVD is incredible.

    Unfortunately, these coins are terrible. They are way too thick, probably the width of like 4 quarters. The ridges on the edges are more visual than functional, as the edges are extremely slippery.

    My biggest complaint about the coins is that they are painted, and then have a high gloss coating. They don't look like "metal" coins at all, and they are really slippery because of the finish.

    These would be great if they were left "unfinished" without paint or gloss, were about 1/2 the thickness, and the edges actually supported gripping them.

    The coins in the video and in the pictures look different from mine. They appear to have deeper etched edges, a non-gloss metal finish, and high detail. Mine look like they were dipped in mustard, then gloss finished. They look ugly, and there is hardly any detail because of how much paint was used.

  • by David.R

    Apr 2016

    I love these coins they are so good and very soft feel to my hands. each time I perform 3 fly it is so appealing to the spectator. some pros and cons. the coin is kind of hard to palm because of its thickness..
  • by Isaac Zapata

    Jan 2016

    These are some sleek looking coins. They are very smooth to the touch and look very appealing. The downside is that they are pretty thick which limits the number you can hold out. They are also very smooth on the edges so it makes them a bit more difficult for me to palm them.
  • by John Dobbs

    Sep 2015

    Very nice coins. There is an optical illusion with them when compared to a US half dollar in that it appears smaller until you place one on top of the other. My only critic is that it seems to be a little to thick. If it was 1 1/2 the thickness of a real half-dollar it would be a perfect thickness. Otherwise very nice coins.
  • by michael t

    Aug 2014

    I just got a hold of a copper and silver dollar coin today. Man these things are smooth, and they look amazing when doing a coin color change. Perfect size so folks don't have to squint when your doing a trick.
  • by Zachary

    May 2014

    I love the look of these coins. But they have very little grip and are so thick its hard to hold more than two in a hand. At least for me they were awful.
  • by Josh Bowerman

    Apr 2014

    After handling the half dollar for a little while I just had to try a dollar size. It's just as good as its smaller counterpart.

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