Shift: Self Bending Fork

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Fork and Spoon bending, while beautiful and elegant, has always had a major drawback... YOU have to do the dirty work. The magician has always had to bear the burden of covering a movement here, or protecting an angle there.

In a breakthrough, Shift: Self Bending Fork activates it's bending movements using ONLY your spectator's body heat. You can manipulate the molecules of metal without touching the fork.

Made from the same patented metal alloy that makes up the Shift Self-Bending Key the fork works well in dining situations, whereas the Key can be brought from your keychain anytime, anywhere. If you like the Fork, get the Shift: Self Bending Key as well, here.

Previous versions of the self-bending fork had inherent problems. It looked like it was made from lead, and it had to be kept cold until you were ready to use it.  The cost was a whopping $400.

Ellusionist has added a chrome finish to so that the fork resembles REAL flatware, cut the price in HALF, and engineered the gimmick to stay straight in room temperature UNTIL you place it inside the spectator's hands.

Shift will remain unbent, unnoticed, and unassuming until the moment you place it into the spectator's hands. From that moment on, your work is done and the real phenomenon begins.

You now have the tool for a surreal performance. A physical impossibility is now within your reach.

"My only regret is that it's being sold to the public... this should be all mine." - Morgan Strebler, The Man Who Bends Steel

"The most WTF moment spectators will ever experience." - Dan Sperry, World Renowned Professional Magician

"This is what REAL magic would look and FEEL like." - Daniel Garcia, Top Professional Magician

IMPORTANT: This is NOT an opening effect. If you perform this as your first trick, make it your ONLY trick, because NOTHING can follow Shift. Your spectators will look at you through new eyes, so why go perform a card trick after something like this? Shift is your "coup de grace" effect. No effect is more, fair, unbelievable or convincing.


You will also get a password to a private forum here on the Ellusionist Forums where you can exchange ideas, tips and tricks.

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