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Four Queens turn face-up in the hands, one by one, each in a more stunning manner than the last.

Stunning. We mean it. The way that third Queen appears when he turns the fan around? We were stunned. Doing our best goldfish impressions. Mouths agape, eyes wide open. The whole shebang.

Taking inspiration from Guy Hollingworth's 'Waving the Queens,' ShinSplint cranks the card-by-card inversion plot to overdrive.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Intermediate
Run-time: 22 minutes

Full Overview

Over 20 Minutes of detailed training from creator Shin Lim, (winner of multiple FISM, IBM and WMS awards) including multiple angles and picture-in-picture to ensure you don't miss a second of instruction for this highly visual effect.

• Totally Impromptu
• Use a borrowed deck
• No Gaffs required
• Sleight-of-hand card magic at its best
• Instant Reset
• Shot in crystal-clear HD
• Inspired by James Chadier's "Fan Change"

Format: Download
Difficulty: Intermediate
Run-time: 22 minutes

Credit to the following camera operators: Jason Nelken, En Lim, Brian McQueen.

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  1. by Riley Siegler

    Apr 2014

    This is a fantastic trick and is worth every cent. For those of you who might not buy this trick because it is hard to master, buy it. It is fun t practice and easy to learn but hard to do it well. If you are just starting magic, maybe by this another time. If you are a good magician, get this trick immedietley.

  2. by Owen Eastwood

    Aug 2013

    I love the actual effect, however the method is extremely difficult even for a seasoned card magician. It took me about 6 hours all in all before I had it perfectly.

    I can't criticize the effect itself, however there should be two changes on the description here. Firstly the difficulty should be set to the highest and also ellusionist should remove "Use a borrowed deck" because in most cases I've found a borrowed deck wont do for the handling to be precise.

  3. by Eli Greene

    May 2013

    Very very difficult to learn, but will make you look like a pro if you can master it. Such a sneaky trick.

  4. by zach mudie

    Feb 2013

    Great trick but needs a lot of practice to get the handling down. Be prepared to send a few hours on this one.

  5. by Jonathan Holst

    Jan 2013

    WARNING: This is high impact magic. This is a very sneaky and brilliant trick, and Shin Lim does a decent job explaining it. It is a little frustrating at first, but you will gradually get the hang of it. There are some sneaky sleight of hand tricks that can even be used in other tricks, and best of all it really is completely impromptu. If you do not already own this trick, I would highly recommend buying it. It is very cool and clean and can be used to impress virtually anyone. Good job, Shin Lim.

  6. by Dan Fast

    Jan 2013

    After practicing the moves shown in this video, I've found some difficulty as a newcomer to these moves that somebody who's practiced these moves for a while would obviously overcome. The instructor has overcome these difficulties and in my opinion has neglected to point on these problem areas that new omers to these moves will have.

    For instance, the main move, fanning the cards, holding the cards in left hand mechanics and fanning them to the right with the thumb, the bottom left corners always stay together but when starting out its hard to keep those corners together because they want to push off as if your dealing, not fanning. The instructor doesn't explain specifically HOW to grip to allow the fan, he just says do it.

    I'm sure with more Practice I'll get it, but it could have been explained better. Overall I love this trick, but for a tutorial, it could have been taught a bit better in a couple of areas.

    [Ellusionist's Reply: Dan - absolutely understand what you're saying, however this is an advanced trick. The sleights presented - like the spread fan, is assumed knowledge.]

  7. by Chris Coulsting

    Jan 2013

    Basically as has been said, this can look amazing but will take extensive practice to pull off convincingly. Nice effect to put in-between bigger tricks as a lead in/out. Impressive, but probably not for beginners.

  8. by Fenjamin Fillings

    Jan 2013

    Good trick, requires larger hands, but the effect is worth the price, 100%.

  9. by Brandon White

    Dec 2012

    A bit tricky at first, then the rest just flows. Spectators love it!

  10. by Christian Coulombe

    Aug 2012

    Been practicing the move for several weeks to smooth out the handling and some of the moves, like the very first fanning is extremely difficult maybe due to the size of hand/finger that I have. So far I need to make the faning with the subtle help of the right thumb so that it come out clean. I also got some hand cream to have a better grip on the cards. THis is helping a bit more.
    Routine is very good however, Good job to Shin.
    I would encourage other Pros' selling their work to actually invest in good video production, using good sound and real cameraman.

  11. by Alexander Christensen

    Dec 2011

    This is amazing, it's hard to learn in the start but its worth every penny.
    - when it started working out smooth for me, i gabbed over myself, i was astunned of what just happend in my hand.
    - Get it right, and you will win more money on bets than you gave for this trick, easy.

  12. by sytse dierckx

    Nov 2011

    it is an awesome and easy trick and with some practice
    you wil get it like a pro BUT there's just 1 very difficult move

  13. by James Kim

    Sep 2011

    The trick is awesome and visually appealing, but the instruction is very lacking in detail and finesse

  14. by João Antônio

    Sep 2011

    I found the effect seeing the video, it's very good, I recommend

  15. by Carlos Mendez

    Aug 2011

    The video quality is very good as well as the teaching. There's a couple of cool shots where there were multiple angles. The trick is beautiful as well.

  16. by zack

    Aug 2011

    this effect is simply brilliant. i tried this on my mom and dad and they completely flipped! thanks for such a great trick E!

  17. by Kenton Evenson

    Aug 2011

    The moves are incredible but it does take alot of practice. The quality of the tutorial is terrible, you will have to go over the video many times just to get the first part. Otherwise, pretty good.

  18. by Paul Garrison

    Aug 2011

    This trick is pure magic done by pure sleight of hand. And the great thing is, the spectator doesn't see any funny movements. Unlike other "twisting the aces" affects, this doesn't require misdirection, which allows the spectators to burn your hand and still get amazed. This is an amazing addition to the plot which is why I give this 5/5.


  19. by Kate Morrison

    Aug 2011

    This is a great effect and with practice you can get the same clean effect. the teaching at some parts are rushed only because they assume you already know the move(since it''s so basic) and it does state that this effect is INTERMEDIATE.
    All in all it's a great effect and will astonish magician and laymen alike.

  20. by Daniel

    Aug 2011

    This trick will take some practice, but obviously with enough practice you'll have it perfect!

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