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Priced at $147 each, Pure Smoke has sold countless thousands of units to magicians all around the globe, from David Copperfield to Calen Morelli, becoming the most raved about smoke machine in the world.

Every single unit that leaves our warehouse is hand-tested by us and guaranteed to produce billowing clouds of smoke right out of the box.

In fact, we’re so confident that you’re going to love the New modular Pure Smoke that if for any reason in the next 4 months you are not completely satisfied with your unit, we will replace it - at no cost to you. That’s our 'Full On' 120 Day Replacement Guarantee.

Full Overview

People have been raving over the sleek black system since we introduced it at MagicLive in Vegas. Pure Smoke has won praise and acclaim from some of the world best magical minds such as David Copperfield, Cyril Takayama, Nathan Burton, Jeff McBride, Jon Pendragon, Michael Weber, Bill Malone, Mathieu Bich, Eric Jones, Daniel Garcia, Calen Morelli... the list goes on and on.

The video demo only shows a few of the tricks you can perform with Pure Smoke. You can come up with a million... including comedy.... for instance make smoke pour from some poor guy's jacket... or out of a ladies purse! Pull off some guy's shoe and smoke comes billowing out... try walking a mile in THAT guys shoes!

Of course the power of Pure Smoke is in using it to heighten the effects that you already perform.

Fact List

• Very, very safe water-like vapor. No harmful or corrosive chemicals.
• Instantly repeatable. No reset.
• 11 White smoke cartridges included, over 850+ puffs of smoke.
• Made from the finest laboratory grade material for superior performance and extra-long life.
• Each cartridge delivers 80 large puffs of thick, vaporous smoke.
• Extra hookup included to pull sleeves up and show hands empty.
• Extra hookup included to perform sleeveless.
• Includes access to a downloadable video (by the creator) with performance ideas, tips, tricks, maintenance and care .
• Ergonomic design for comfort and prolonged use.
• Clean, easy and very practical to operate. Easy to put on... wear it all day.
• Reliable. Exceptionally low maintenance.
• Extended Warranty that covers any unit defects.
• Ages 18 and older only.

"After my show I was mobbed by the magicians wanting to know how I created the smoke..." - Jonathan Pendragon, World-renowned Professional Magician

"This is it. THIS is the type of smoke I've waited my whole life for." - Eric Jones, Top Pro

Why it Works

The reason Pure Smoke works so well is because your audience is not just witnessing a card effect or coin effect, they are being taken to a world that until recently was only available in the movies. No longer are you a person who knows some card effects, but now you are taking them to a world where apparently ANYTHING can happen.

The Pure Smoke system is a major upgrade over virtually every smoke delivery system on the market for good reason: It's more compact, easy to use, economic and the smoke it delivers is mystical and mysterious — it looks like it's straight out of a computer-animated fantasy .

In The Box

• The Pure Smoke core system.
• 11 White Pure Smoke cartridges.
• Adjustable wrist strap.
• The "all clean" Velcro hookup (show your hands clean)
• .Adjustable Velcro chest strap
• .Access to Instructional Video by the creator

Requires 4 AA batteries. (1.2V AA batteries recommended) (Not Included)

Don't Run Out of Smoke

When you first buy your Pure Smoke system you will use one box of cartridges in practicing and having fun— you may want to stock up on Pure Smoke refills now.

Patent Pending: #501466987


Q: Can I show my hands empty?
A: Yes, there is a hookup to where you can use Pure Smoke to "push' your sleeves up to show your hands clean.

Q: Why do I hear a noise? Can this be more silent?
A: The noise you hear is air being forced through the smoke tube. Most AA batteries are 1.5V, but if you look, you can find 1.2V batteries. We recommend 1.2V batteries to reduce the noise of the pump. Remember, perform in public places with light ambient background noise and you shouldn't have any problem at all.

Q: Can I perform this sleeveless?
A: Yep. There is a hookup that allows you to do just that. 

Q: Can I breathe the smoke?
A: You can, but we don't recommend it. Just like you can stand behind your car and breathe, but we don't recommend sucking on the tailpipe.

Q: Why do I have to be 18 to purchase Pure Smoke?
A: For the slight burn risk (very slight - 100x safer compared to flash paper) and the fact that our mean lawyers made us disclaim the 18 and older only on the basis of the the E Cigarette technology is 18+ as well. 

Q: Can I wear 2 pure Smoke systems at the same time?
A: Of course! We did, it's awesome!

Q: Does the smoke stain?
A: Yes you would see some off coloring of the inside of the cuff after heavy use, but yet it will come out with a wash or two. I sometimes have to let my inside cuff get a shot of stain remover after 6 hours of smoke. 

Q: How easy is the setup compared to Ultra Smoke 2000?
A: No comparison. Much easier, much cleaner and much safer. I can hook myself up in under 2 mins. Everything is quick-fasten Velcro. 

Q: Is the set-up restricted to jackets and blazers/ suit jackets?
A: Of course not. Anything with long sleeves will work. Button-down shirt, hoodie, long-sleeve pull-over, you name it.

Q: Is it possible to roll up my sleeves with the gimmick in place and roll them down when needed? 
A: Yes, there is a hookup to where you can use Pure Smoke to "push' your sleeves up to show your hands clean.

Q: How long could it potentially be worn for before you would need to remove it?
A: We have worn Pure Smoke for 12 hour stretches during Magic Live. 

Q: Will the vapor leave and sort of residue and if it does will that residue be non-toxic? 
A: The vapor, if blown into the same spot over and over and over, will leave a oily residue, but it's as non-toxic as Petroleum Jelly and nothing you can't wash off with soap and water. 

Q: What is the smoke? Water vapor?
A: It's very close to water vapor. It's atomized Propylene Glycol. Same chemical used in electronic vapor cigarettes

Q: Does the smoke have a smell?
A: It has a light odor, but we find it quite pleasant.

Q: Can I use rechargable batteries?
A: For the sake of the planet, we recommend it.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Peter Wallsom

    Sep 2016

    awesome pure awsome just waitng for colored smoke

  2. by Vanessa Gonzalez

    Jun 2016

    Yessss gonna get pure smoke v3 hopefully it lasts a very long time so excited

  3. by Jason Maiuri

    Dec 2015

    Over the years I have purchased many items from Illusionist and have always been impressed by the product and the quality. I have to say with Pure Smoke I am extremely disappointed and would not recommend it.

    First, I never thought the device would be as cumbersome and as large as it is. Having the external battery pack really is a pain and they should have thought of a way to integrate it into the controller.
    Second when I went to use it for the first time I snapped in a cartridge and waited the five minutes for the fluid to work its way into the heater coil and nothing was happening. Checked to see if the cartridge was punctured and it was. I reinserted the cartridge I noticed that there was all this congealed fluid plugging the coil. After carefully removing it I reassembled and still very little smoke. Nothing like the demo video. Tried a second cartridge and same issue.
    Third. The actual pump and switch is rather large. Wearing the device with the chest strap how they recommend in the DVD is uncomfortable.
    Fourth. There is no was to customize the length of the tubing, because the power line for the heater coil runs down the inside of the tube there is no was to shorten it. I have shorter arms and all that extra tubing has to hide somewhere.
    Fifth. I was very surprised how noisy the device is. Unless your in a situation where their is lots of ambient noise forget it. You will me called out on it.
    Lastly no way of remote controlling the device. Would be nice if that was included or an available add on option.
    What I was impressed with was I sent illusionist a support ticket and they got back to me right away and said they would replace the device free of charge. All i had to do was send pictures that I cut the tubing in three spots rendering the device useless and they would send me a new one without sending the old on back (Which was great seeing I love in Canada and shipping here from the USA is very expensive)
    Overall I am pretty sure I may ask for the new one and just try and sell it as used.
    More R & D should have gone into this product on the aspects that I have mentioned.
    Sad that illusionist dropped the ball on this one. Will remain a customer but will not by effects like this from them in the future.

  4. by Jacob Eichler

    Apr 2015

    I got this, like many other things on the Christmas sale. If you do not have this you need to get this. Seriously it will enhance your effects so much. I work part time at a game store and families will come in all the time and I will do some routine for them and help finish it off with this. When people see it they just go What! and its like their brain shuts down and they cant comprehend it. The only problem I have with it is the chest strap could be like 5 inches longer to accommodate those larger people that might use it. I also recommend getting the pure smoke dvd with it. Again I am very satisfied and this one of my favorite things that E has.

  5. by Mark Mitchell

    Jan 2015

    I really love this item. It works great and performs flawlessly. When used sparingly it catches people of guard and really adds to any affect you are employing. Hides well and everything you need to perform right out of the box. Get this for sure.

  6. by Alejandro Torres

    Apr 2014

    Pure Smoke is great for any magician looking to enhance any effects in their current repertoire. I highly recommend also getting Gregory Wilson's DVD which teaches various routines using the device. I haven't experienced any problems with it. My only warning is that it needs to be performed in an area with ambient noise like a restaurant, otherwise the spectators might "catch on". Overall, a great smoke device!

  7. by Eric Bailey

    Jan 2014

    Got my Pure Smoke. Worked fantastic for...a day. I had to get a replacement which isn't here yet. The smoke quality and quantity is great. As far as noise no one will EVER notice unless the room is DEAD silent. Its quiet enough to hide between conversation, A/C, background noise, music, coughing, breathing, etc. its a non-issue. The chest strap could be nicer and more comfortable, but the trigger mechanism really is well done. Also, the tubing is rubbery and catches onto clothing when trying the sleeveless option so I recommend covering it in plastic tape or vinyl wrap so it slides along with the sleeves really easily. Decent and very clever. Tons of uses. 3/5

  8. by Erno Kemppainen

    Dec 2013

    Pure smoke = pure awesomeness, these effects aren't meant to be used continually but even tough they will make a difference in your magic, you may only know card tricks but this system surely makes it more mysterious if and only if you use it right.

    Must buy for magicians that need some difference in their magic.

    Worth buying especially when discounts are on, love the Gregory Wilsons tips and tricks on the device (i haven't seen jason brumbalows version), love the system, totally waiting for it to arrive into my mailbox.

    And people if you're worried that your pure smoke refill packs end, don't be if they end too soon i think it's a sign that you've been using it too much.

  9. by James Ward

    Nov 2013

    What a great device, make this clear this is not a trick it self but a great utility to add that sense of mystery to your performances. Only thing I would say against is if you're a big fellow like me the means of holding on your self may be uncomfortable I had to sew extension to mine. Other than that wonderful perfect amazing and all those other words that can describe this great device. GET IT!

  10. by Francis Moscal

    Nov 2013

    This is the greatest topping to put on a trick to get amazing reactions. This will shoot your tricks from okay all the way to "oh my god how did you do that" and i know this from it happening to me. with this you can literally do any type of vanish or anything you want its just pure genius its well worth the money.

  11. by christian sorondo

    Oct 2013

    At first i was afraid because i followed the instructions and smoke didn't come out. then i ran to the store and bought new batteries. works perfectly fine. even-tho you know how it works and can feel it.. it looks amazing and feels great. highly recommended.
    PS: Buy 4 AA batteries before you get it.

  12. by Tyler Roberts

    Sep 2013

    My intent when buying this was to fry people brains and make it look like I have powers, and I mostly have been using it for pranks. Hand someone your credit card and smoke looks like its coming off the card. I do use it a lot in my magic, performance is everything. Use it rarely, and on a closing effect that will leave your spectator believing you worship the devil. Really cool little device that they had to have spent a long long time perfecting. The big price tag could be an issue for some (like me).

  13. by garan johnson

    Sep 2013

    WOW!!!!! this is by far the best product I have ever owned!!!!
    This beats all other products out there. There was NOTHING WRONG WITH MY DEVICE......NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the only thing that could have made this better is if it came with more refills.

  14. by Paul Donaldson

    Jul 2013

    On the DVD Greg Wilson says something important which I totally agree with: Pure Smoke is not a trick in itself. It is the icing on the cake.

    It seems expensive, until you realise a) how powerful this is, and b) how well the gimmick is made!

    This in conjunction with Invisible could be incredible!

  15. by Mitchell Moore

    Jul 2013

    I actually did find this very easy to wear. I have not tried all the different ways to wear it yet though. It works great though, got a few good reactions from family members, waiting to test it in public!! I really enjoyed that I got a discount on this item for being a BC member which made it even better. I cannot wait to see what other things come with this, I've heard rumours of more colours coming out!!! If you are truly looking for neat and new ideas, this is for you. Imagination is key :)

    Mitchell Moore

  16. by Matthew Whittaker

    Jul 2013

    Finally saved up enough money to buy this and let me say it was worth it. This makes every trick of mine look 10 times better just because there is smoke coming from nowhere. Just having smoke appear is a trick in itself and gets great reactions. I packed mine up and took it to school with me and doing that somehow made it not work as nice and thick as it used to. I am hoping to figure out why and get it fixed asap!

  17. by michael blau

    May 2013

    If it works its a great effect but it is annoying to wear.

  18. by Jamie Roach

    May 2013

    Ohh sheit this is hottt, clearly a best seller

  19. by Joel Luna

    Apr 2013

    I got Pure Smoke two years ago and i still have 3 cartridges left. I love the smell and the feel of the smoke!! It turned my takes regular effects and enhances them to a 10000000% I strongly, STRONGLY recommend people to purchase this! You will not regret it! It will turn a normal greeting handshake into the best handshake someone's ever received!! Trust me, my fiance's dad went nuts when he saw smoke coming out from between our hands!!

  20. by Abhinav menon

    Mar 2013

    excellent device! Got it 2 days ago. absoulutely no problem. very comfortable to wear,infact i wear it the whole day wether i perform with it or not!! smoke looks beaitiful and mily. recomend you buy one if you dont own it already( your missing out on something amazing!!)

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